5 Major Signs Your Kitchen Has a Pest Problem

Do you worry that you might have a pest problem in your home? If you suspect that you’ve been invaded by varmints, don’t be overly compassionate. It’s important to clear them out as soon as possible since they can carry dangerous viruses!

Once you’re sure you have pests, you’ll want to call professionals to help you remove them. Here are five signs that you have unwanted critters prowling around, so you can get them out of your house for good.

1. Grass, Leaves, and Other Nest Materials

Most wild animals aren’t pests as long as they stay outside. But when they come into homes, they often drag unwanted outdoor elements with them.

Birds and mice carry twigs, mud, and blades of grass inside to build their nests. Ants and other bugs don’t bring things inside with them, but they do create trails for others to follow.

If you have a pest problem in rental property, it’s important to clean out the mess right away! Otherwise, your tenants and neighbors may think you’re a slumlord!

2. Fur and Footprints

Both wild and domestic animals pull out their fur and feathers so they can line their nests. This is a nice parenting technique that ensures animal babies enter the world in comfort.

But you don’t want them to feel “comfortable” inside your house! If you see fur and tiny footprints on your countertops and floors, you’ve got pest problems.

3. Chew Marks and Broken Packages

Almost nothing’s worse than having a kitchen pest. You’ll see telltale signs like chewed packaging and grains of rice or sugar sprinkled around. You’ll frequently find them on your countertops and in your cupboards.

If your dry goods are chewed into, don’t eat them! They’re contaminated and need to be thrown out.

4. Your Pets Go On Alert

If you own a cat or dog and have unwanted critters in your home, you can expect them to be on alert all the time. Cats are especially eager to hunt. So if your kitty stays in one area of the house and seems preoccupied, you should look closely in that area for mice or bugs.

Sometimes traps work to get rid of the little invaders. Unfortunately, infestations can be hard to control. Most homeowners need to have the problem solved by professionals like Advanced Pest Control.

5. Having a Pest Problem Can Be Gross!

Finally, having pests around can be disgusting, especially if they start to multiply! If you’ve been invaded by unwanted wild animals, expect to find poop, urine, and hair in your cupboards, closets, and drawers.

In the event that you’re swarmed by millions of bugs, there may not be much you can do. If you’re in an area of the country with a ladybug pest problem, you’ll find dead ladybugs in your window sills and along the outside walls of your house.

Large infestations of ladybugs or grasshoppers are pest problems solved best by pest control companies.

Solve Your Pest Problem Once and For All

Having a pest problem is stressful, but you don’t have to deal with those unwanted critters alone.

The best way to fight back is to look for DIY solutions, and then turn to the experts.

Experienced pest control companies can get unwanted critters out of your home quickly and efficiently!

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