Why Key Management Lockers Are Gaining Prominence

Benefits of Smart Key Management Lockers

The Dongcheng Electronic key management lockers serves commercial buildings, Metro stations, Parking area, Auto 4S shops, Police station, Troops, Courts, Airports, Banks, Hospitals, Warehouses and other scenes that require keys management. Dongcheng is an experienced manufacturer of smart locker systems that cater to efficient key management. The mission is to provide distributors and clients with smart key lockers that meet their unique key management solution needs.

In an institution, office, hotel, factory or industry, keys grant access to assets and sensitive locations. Key management lockers secure the tracking and distribution of keys. Key management lockers improve security as they stop unauthorized access. They also control the costs associated with physical keys through automation and often eliminate the need to change entire locks after security breaches or loss of keys.

Key Management Locker Workflow

The key management system mainly realizes the intelligent management of keys, assists users in borrowing and returning keys, with fingerprint or facial verification, key RFID recognition, voice prompts, touch screen operation, LCD display and other functions

Keys can be stored in the lockers in advance. The employee that need access can be granted authorization. At the key management locker, the person goes through identity verification. Once that is confirmed, selecting the appropriate key on the touch screen opens the locker, indicated by a flashing LED indicator. The same process is followed when returning the key

Key Management Locker Features

Key Management Locker Features

Dongcheng Electronic products are world-class and include key management lockers, parcel lockers, smart lockers, food lockers, QR code lockers, blue-tooth locker and temporary lockers.

The key management smart-systems come with an inbuilt control unit that supports real-time usage tracking, networking function, and multiple verification methods that include:

  • Swiping IC card
  • Password identification
  • Fingerprint or face recognition.

Other features include an integrated camera and biometric authentication, touch screen operation, voice prompt support, weatherproofing, and RFID electronic tag identification technology.

Smart lockers offer more than simple key security and storage. They have inbuilt smart communication feedback features that allow businesses and hospitality institutions to build innovative workplaces that enhance productivity and the customer experience.

Benefits of Smart Key Management Lockers

Benefits of Smart Key Management Lockers

Key management lockers are convenient and provide a secure way to stow keys. The key lockers distributed by Dongcheng Electronic are efficient, time-saving, and secure.

Smart key locker systems come with inbuilt sensors. These smart systems can be adjusted on the fly and even alert the operators to any irregular sign-out patterns.

You can only collect your keys during official opening hours when using standard safe storage services. With a Dongcheng key locker, you have access to your items day and night.

Recommended Places to Use Key Management Lockers

With the ability to customize as per the client’s needs, smart lockers can be designed to capture biometric authentication and other vital security details. Key locker systems can be used within the community for faster and easier key access which makes them suitable for use in many different areas, such as the following:

  • Industries and factories
  • Airports, bus and metro stations
  • Hotels and hospitals
  • Parking lots
  • Police stations and courts
  • Banks and learning institutions
  • Other areas that require keys management.

Smart key management lockers from Dongcheng electronics are appropriate for high-traffic workplaces and even work well in emergencies. That’s why those in the Auto 4S shops need to up their game and stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of the numerous benefits offered by these smart key locker delivery systems. They have the potential of enhancing the customer experience.