4 Ways to Pay for Your Upcoming Home Redesign


A home redesign is an exciting thing. Not only is the redesign process itself often very exciting, but the knowledge that you’ll eventually have a home that looks just like you’ve dreamed is just as enjoyable. However, one thing that can stand in your way is the cost. Home redesigns are often very costly, and it’s important to think about that cost when you’re planning out the redesign process. Here are four possible ways you can pay for a home redesign over time.

1. Look for Payment Plans Through the Design Studio

If you’re going through a design studio for your home redesign, they might have a payment plan available. Whether they offer lines of credit directly through their studio or they contract with a secondary company, it’s extremely common for these companies to offer payment plans because they know these purchases are very large. If you’re not going through a design studio, however, you’ll have to look at other options.

2. Check for Private Loans and Similar Options

Though private loans can have fairly high interest rates, there are some available that can give you the option to pay off your home redesign over time. To use this option most effectively, you’re going to want to find a loan with the lowest possible interest rate that gives you a decent monthly price. Check both the interest rate and the monthly cost to make sure you get the best option for this route.

3. See Whether There Are Any Government Programs to Help With Certain Upgrades

If you’re doing certain types of upgrades, some government programs may be able to help you pay for the cost. For example, many states offer programs that can give you a tax credit or a rebate if you install solar panels onto your home. Depending on the type of upgrade you’re doing to your home, you might be able to pay for your home redesign with the help of a government program. Don’t overlook this potentially helpful option.

4. Consider Using Your Purchase for a Credit Card Bonus

Even if you have enough money to make your home redesign purchase outright, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually the best idea. Depending on the size of the purchase and your credit score, it might actually be better for you to put the purchase onto a credit card, collect any benefits from the credit card, then pay it off through the credit card itself. There are many credit card deals that you can take advantage of, including sign-on bonuses, that can make this a hugely worthwhile option.


A home redesign can be exciting, but the price tag can sometimes be daunting. No matter what you’re hoping to do with your home redesign, there are a variety of ways to pay for it. Make sure you use whichever one of these options works the best for your unique concerns. After all, the better you spend, the more you’ll save.