What’s the Best Time to Visit Houston?

What's the Best Time to Visit Houston?

What's the Best Time to Visit Houston?

It is no surprise that Houston is a popular worldwide destination, with a thriving economy, gorgeous surroundings, and a community full of hope and enthusiasm. Also known as “Space City,” Houston has an ethnically diverse population. Ever wondered what awaits you in a city like this?

Why Should You Make a Trip to Houston?

The U.S. has tons of places to visit, and admittedly, a lot of them need to feature on your vacation list. Houston can be a great place to be on your next vacation – and we will tell you why.

For one, Houston is the fourth biggest city in the United States by population, and according to the census, the town expanded almost by 11% between 2010 and 2019. Furthermore, between 2020 and 2029, another 1.2 million people are anticipated to move to the city. So not just as a top holiday destination for tourists, the city has also carved out its name as a sustainable place to move to if you’re looking for a life full of opportunity and adventure.

You may want to head there between February to April or during the Fall. Between September and November is ideal for visiting Houston. Houston has mild weather and inexpensive hotel costs almost all year, thanks to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Still, the weather is usually lovely during the spring and fall seasons. If you’re visiting Houston at this time of the year, you are likely to have a blast with all the events and festivities held at this time.

If you’re traveling to Houston, Texas, you must apply for an ESTA from outside of the United States. If you are traveling with your family or friends, you will need to apply for a Group ESTA that requires a few additional details. Keep in mind you can only use it for a United States esta if your country has ratified the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

Things to do alone in Houston

Houston has something for everyone, whether you’re here for business, an exciting weekend vacation, a family-friendly excursion, or even if you’re just planning a solo trip all by yourself. Now, Houston has something for everyone – but how do you plan your itinerary?

Tuesday night in Houston: What can you do?

You can walk around the city just to take in its vibe or sit at a street-side coffee shop to observe your surroundings and the people around you. Every town has a unique flavor to it, and considering the diverse cultures coexisting here, you are bound to find this activity pretty interesting. People say that although it’s a vast city in itself, the friendly attitude of the locals makes it seem as if it’s just small-town.

If you want to do something more like get to know new people or explore the city’s nightlife, Downtown is your go-to place. Here you will find an exclusive plethora of pubs and bars suited to your liking.

If that is too much, you can always head to the Museum District to explore the famous museums here.  You can also find paintings by artists such as Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

The 40-minute journey to NASA’s Space Center Houston is recommended for science buffs. Decommissioned spacecraft and relics are on display, as well as a tour of the former Mission Control rooms.

Houston Tunnel Tours

While in Houston, don’t feel too baffled if you find the city’s streets strangely empty – it’s not because people here are too boring, it’s just because the real action is happening underground – in the tunnels.

Summers in Houston are scorching, and because the city is known for doing things, the concept of Houston Downtown Tunnels was created. The Downtown Tunnels are a network of linked and air-conditioned tunnels that run 20 feet beneath the street’s surface, connecting restaurants, stores, and office buildings while providing much-needed relief from the Houston heat.

What a strange concept, you may be wondering? If you want to know more about the story behind these tunnels, you can always book yourself a Downtown Tunnel Tour as per your suitability and experience the entire thing first-hand.

Fun Indoor Places in Houston

If you don’t really like staying out in the streets too much, there are plenty of options to have a gala time in an indoor setting while in Houston.

Not just the museums, the city is also famous for its Theatre District where you can enjoy a good old-fashioned theatre show. You can even visit The Galleria, which is the largest mall in Texas. Don’t forget to visit the Downtown Aquarium, which features over 200 aquatic animals.

Here are all the things you can enjoy while in Houston, whether with friends, family, or solo. Be rest assured that once you step into this city, not one unexciting minute will pass by!