Best Way to Use Old Tennis Balls in 2024

Tennis Balls

The tennis ball is a popular ball in tennis history. Tennis balls are important things to play tennis and it made the natural rubber balls covered in felt. In this article, we want to help you with how to reuse tennis balls or what to do with old tennis balls. Follow our step-by-step process. Let’s go

What are the tennis balls made of?

Playing tennis you need good tennis racquets which help you to exist the game. Tennis was first invented in the 19 century, but the ball was made of leather or cloth and stuffed with fabric or horsehair. Previously, tennis balls were traditionally white color balls.

In 1972 the International Tennis Federation started to found out players to use neon yellow balls because they were showed up better on TV audience. Further, the tennis balls are necessary rubber balls that are covered in felt. The rubber ball is injected with pressurized air to ensure it will bounce correctly. However, it is covered in a layer of wool or nylon felt, which helps the ball last longer.

When do tennis balls need to be recycled?

We’re using the tennis balls daily, but tennis balls have become old and unsuitable to play. After that, what to do with old tennis balls, Sometimes, we don’t know what will do, so Recycled-is important way for an old tennis ball to reuse or need any other work where you need, we need to recycle, how to do it.

How to Recycle Tennis Balls?

Through the tennis ball made of rubber most curbside recycling programs will not accept tennis balls. Also, it is worth checking to see and it will take plastics canisters that hold a new ball. On the other hand, canisters made by Penn (Penn Tennis Balls) and many ball companies, a leading tennis ball manufacture, where are made of plastic ( also known as PET or PETE) and many curbside programs do accept. Some companies recycle tennis balls.

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Uses for Old Tennis Balls/Frugal and Creative Uses for Old Tennis Balls?

What do you do when your tennis balls lose their bounce? and when they are no longer serve as more. But here nothing think that tennis ball is bad. So you might check out this list of 5 things you can do with your balls at your home.

  1. For your dog:

When your tennis ball loses bounce you can use it for your dogs or cats. They are really toy lovers. But if you do have not any pet in your home, look anywhere else on another list.

  1. Floor Cleaner:

The tennis ball is a great way to remove our floor scuffs. Just cut the tennis balls and then stick the broom handle in them. This is an easy way to dispel any black marks or scuff marks.

  1. Comfy Chair:

First of all, cut the tennis ball and divided the two-part. Then each part put a tennis ball under each foot and roll around on them. After, when you sitting on your chair you will get extra comfort. So they are small but make a great foot massage.

  1. Pool Cleaner:

Even the cleanest people love to clean their pool regularly. Many people leave oil, the liquid color behind in a pool. But throw some tennis balls in the pool water. It eats up oil and keeps your water clean. Just make sure to replace often to more you want.

  1. Floor Protectors:

It is a very easy one to do, just cut a tennis ball and set up your chair legs. If you have enough furniture in your room just do it and save your floor from friction or stain

Score Big With 5 Ways to Reuse Old Tennis Balls

1. Get a Grip

Having trouble opening a jar? ok, I want to help you, easily create a grip by cutting along the line of a tennis ball You will see just how well this handy hack works.

2. Cash Cover Up

Directly hide your cash or valuables in coins with this genius trick. Normally cut a ball small line on one side of a tennis ball. So insert cash, and place it in the junk drawer.

3. Googly-Eyed Gifting

Are you skip boring cards? and serve up a gift card or cash. So present in style with a DIY tennis ball can be a gift cardholder. And if you looking for better things to score major points, keep car keys also fit nicely.

4. Balloon Bestie

Balloon buying needs to weigh and anchor your colorful helium holders with a simple tennis ball. Cut the ball X on the top and add rocks or pennies to weigh it down. Afterward, just add your balloon strings for an easy upcycle that the job done

5. Dry Season

We spend money on laundry and dryer but try wrappings tennis ball in aluminum foil. This foil will help discharge static, and the ball will fluff clothes for more to faster dry. And add a few drops of oil to the tennis ball before wrapping.


The tennis ball is such a thing you can get many benefits to using before and after use it. If the never wanted tennis balls are clean, just put them in the dryer with your wet clothes. It will decrease the drying time and save money and energy at the same time. Put a tennis ball in the toilet tank, which will reduce the amount of water used for every flush

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