What are the different types of headphones?

With the passage of time, technology has positively impacted the audio industry. We now have a multitude of audio equipment at our disposal and we have been using them for a long time now. Headphones are part of the audio industry which is now used by billions of people across the globe.

The headphones itself have changed in many ways. Now we have different brands, such as JBL Headphones, that have been producing high quality. We further have different types to choose from. Following are some of them listed:

  1. Over ear headphones

This is the most common type of headphones. These are big enough so that it can fit on your ear entirely. They are big in size and comes with a headband. This is to connect the earcups. The benefit of using this type is that it provides ultimate level of comfort. It also provides better sound quality compared to other types. However, these are not as portable as other models. You cannot simply fit it in your pocket or a small bag. These are expensive as well, so you may better purchase JBL Speakers only.

  1. Earbuds

These are also known as ear headphones. These are completely portable given that these are small in size. However, it comes in different shapes and sizes. Major advantage of using earbuds is its portability. It can fit anywhere. It is relatively cheaper to other types of headphones. Furthermore, it is effective when it comes to noise isolation. Nevertheless, it can be bad for hygiene since it causes too much ear wax.

  1. Bone conduction headsets

These are unique. It utilizes the bone conduction technology for transmission of sound. The sound is transmitted through cheekbones. There are different brands that manufacture this type. The benefit of using this type is that it provides stability and can also be used by people who have hearing problems. On the other hand, it compromises a bit on sound quality. It lacks detail and bass.

  1. Wireless headphones

These are now the most popular option. As the name suggests for itself, there is no wired connectivity with this headphones. It works on Bluetooth. Some wireless headphones are also connected through the Wi-Fi technology. The best part of using wireless headphones is that it is highly convenient to use the same. However, you need to be familiar with the battery life and specifications in relation thereto. Also, these headphones are pretty much expensive compared to other types.

  1. Noise cancelling headphones

There are some models which are particularly designed in order to cancel noise surrounding you. It can block the noise around you by cancelling the noise even before it reaches the eardrum. One of the best usages of this type is that it can create an isolated user experience. It also protects your hearing. However, there are certain drawbacks, most important being is price. Moreover, it is not a good usage option if you want to use headphones outdoor.