Traditional Gold Jewelry That are Still in Rage

Traditional Gold Jewelry That are Still in Rage

We Indians have had a long and profound history associated with gold jewelry. The shimmering metal has always been given great relevance in our culture. We get pure gold jewellery designs from the royal rajwadas who have ruled us. And still today, many of us own such heirloom pieces or have opted to buy such traditional jewelry that has intricate detailing and ethnic essence.

Here, we bring you a list of some of the most popular traditional jewelry designs that continue to rule trends for generations.

#1. Kundan

Featuring a pure gold metal base embellished with precious and semi-precious gemstones, Kundan is one of the most loved traditional jewelry designs. This jewelry design is believed to come from the royal families of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Kundan is highly refined gold jewelry and is known to ooze a luxurious vibe. Apart from traditional necklaces and earrings, a lot more jewelry pieces are available in Kundan to work these days. So, if you want to flaunt an absolute royal look, add Kundan jewelry to your collection.

#2. Temple

Temple jewelry is the best example of finesses in Indian craftsmanship. Featuring minute detailing and intricate elements, temple jewelry takes jewel making to a new level. Typically being native to South India, temple jewelry has also been worn by classical dancers to highlight divinity. The temple designs generally feature architectural designs and gods & goddesses in repetitive patterns. Even today, this particular traditional jewelry design continues to hold immense value to a large section of people.

 #3. Meenakari

Meenakari has been ruling our jewelry boxes for ages. This traditional jewelry design is distinguishable by its colored enameling. The metal base (gold or other metal) is coated with colored traditional motifs. The bright colors of meenakari jewelry lend it a rich and luxurious appeal. This jewelry has appealed to royal kingdoms and has been accepted as preferred jewelry. The ethnic designs in meenakari jewelry are crafted by skilled artisans using ancient techniques. This traditional jewelry is widely acclaimed for its unique and bright colors.

#4. Jadau

The enduring popularity of Jadau jewelry has achieved prominence worldwide. This traditional jewelry is loved globally for richness and royal essence. Jadau ornaments use a gold base studded with precious gemstones. As embellishments are embedded directly onto the metal surface there is no use of adhesives which results in the making of uncluttered, beautiful pieces of jewelry. The Jadau jewelry is known to hail from the Mughal era. The ornament designs in Jadau have a special charm and striking features that make them unique pieces of jewelry.

Final Words

These are some of the unique traditional Indian jewelry designs that have been in trend for ages. All of these designs are unique in their own ways and have different making processes. So whatever you choose won’t disappoint you.

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