Working in a healthcare system is not that easy. You are not only building a successful career; you are also creating a considerable difference in an individual’s life and society. Do you wish to make your community a healthy and secure place to live? Then you can find your dream job in the field and also pursue your passion.

The public health system consists of all the private and public entities that work together to improve and promote public health. The public health system identifies community health issues and educates people about them. Whether it is mental health problems, chronic illness, or various infections, all of this demands public health workers’ expertise. Moreover, public health experts can use their skills and knowledge to conduct research and analyze health issues. Thus, providing many healthcare workers with a wide range of employment in different settings.

Are you wondering whether landing a job in this field is the right choice for you? No need to worry. The healthcare industry provides a diverse career path that an individual can choose from, making this industry the most sought-after profession. With plenty of job opportunities, many students are opting for studying in healthcare education. Some of the high paying jobs in the public health system are:


Many hospitals and clinics employ health and wellness manager to ensure quality healthcare facilities. Typically, these professionals work in an office environment. However, their job requires them to interact with the general population and contact the corporate sector to collect data and conduct surveys. Students should possess a master’s degree in health administration to start a career in this field. Due to COVID-19, most universities are now offering online degree programs for students who want to polish their skills and complete their education. As per the US BLS (Bureau of Labor and Statistics), these professionals’ median pay is $100,980 per year.


Public Health Attorneys collaborate with local and national legislative bodies to design policies, set regulations, and make laws to govern public health standards. These attorneys advocate for the victims and file a complaint against organizations that breach public health standards. To become a public health attorney, one needs to hold a Juris Doctor (J.D) degree and a license to practice in the state. Public health attorneys earn a median of $122,960 per year, making this job the highest paying.


Epidemiologists study and analyze disease patterns and timely communicate them to the public and government officials. They share their findings with policymakers so officials can react to these illnesses before they become severe and hard to control. To work as an epidemiologist, a professional needs to have a minimum of a master’s degree. According to the BLS, an epidemiologist’s median salary is $70,990 and will grow by 5% from 2019 to 2029.


A safety and health engineer’s job is to recognize all potential safety hazards, revise programs, and study accidents. These engineers are responsible for creating policies and developing plans to prevent the public from any injuries. According to BLS, the median salary of a health and safety engineer is approximately $91,410. Individuals who wish to pursue this career should earn an undergraduate degree in engineering with a mechanical, electrical, or chemical engineering specialization.


Environmental scientists trace out ecological hazards that may have adverse effects on human health. They determine the intensity of these environmental hazards. A recent survey states that the average annual salary of these professionals is around $ 71,360. However, this figure can vary depending on the degree of qualification. A bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biology is necessary to become an environmentalist.


Public health nurses identify potential health risk factors in the community. Also, they are responsible for promoting educational campaigns and provide healthcare services. The employment areas for public health nurses include non-profit organizations, government agencies, and community health sectors. Public health nurse must be a registered nurse (RN) to practice in their field. The average salary of a registered nurse is $73,000 per year, according to the BLS.


Biostatisticians make use of statistical data to study public health concerns. They perform experiments and apply a mathematical approach to medical-related queries. Apart from this, they also conduct research to learn about the biological sciences. Most biostatisticians usually work for federal organizations. An individual with a bachelor’s degree is eligible to become a biostatistician. However, a post-graduate degree in statistics or mathematics would be a plus point.


Are you wondering which job role to select after earning a degree in the public health sector? Do you want to work for the general public or wish to go to the research area? Albeit the profession you opt for, you will still be an asset to society. Although the salaries of many disciplines in public health are appealing, individuals can pursue any career if they want to bring about change.