Timeshare Retail vs. Resale: Explaining the Pros and Cons

Did you know that there are about 20 million households in the United States that own timeshares? There are plenty of timeshare benefits that you’ll gain when you have ownership of a timeshare with your family. It is important when purchasing or selling a timeshare that you’re aware of the differences between timeshare retail vs. resale.

Explaining timeshares and timeshare retail vs. resale gets tricky and might even make your head spin. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place if you’re someone that wants to learn more about the difference between timeshare retail and timeshare resale, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Continue reading to learn everything that you need to know about timeshare retail vs. timeshare resale.

What Is Timeshare Retail vs. Resale?

There are some major differences between timeshare retail and timeshare resale that might play a big factor in helping you decide which is right for you. A timeshare resale is when a timeshare owner puts their timeshare up for sale. This is different from timeshare retail because retail is put up for sale by a resort or a developer.

The big difference between the two usually comes down to the price. If you choose to go through timeshare resale then you’re likely to get much more bang for your buck as opposed to buying from a retailer. It is a great option because you’ll gain the timeshare ownership you’re wanting and have the same experiences but for far less money.

The real drawback of going the resale route is that you won’t be viewed as a full-fledged owner and the developer will place limitations on the things you can and cannot do. The perks you’ll gain from going with timeshare retail change from company to company so it is a good idea to do your research. Click for more information on timeshare retail vs. resale.

The Pros of Owning a Timeshare

There are a number of great benefits to investing in and owning a timeshare at a place that is special to you and your family. If you’re someone that loves having your vacation planned and you know exactly where you’d like to spend it then you’ll love the benefits you’ll gain from owning your timeshare. Here is a closer look at the timeshare benefits you should expect.

Built-In Vacation Each Year

Vacation is normally viewed as your chance to escape the realities of everyday life as well as your work. Sometimes vacations end up becoming more stressful than another week on the job due to the planning that goes into them and the time you’re working with.

Having a timeshare allows you to take a burden off of your shoulders when that time comes during the year where you allow yourself to kick back and relax. It is a great way to allow yourself to fully disengage and enjoy all of the perks and beauty of your timeshare.

With most timeshares, you’ll have a bunch of different hotels and activities to consider and choose from in order to guarantee a new and memorable experience for the entire family. No one wants their family vacation to become a stressful experience with arguing and frustration.

With a timeshare, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free vacation that allows you to indulge in all of the relaxation or action that you crave. Best of all, you’ll know ahead of time the weeks or months that you’re going to be at the timeshare so you’ll be able to plan your flights and other travel arrangements well in advance.

Great for Families, Friends, and Groups of People

It is normal for a timeshare to have multiple bedrooms or sleeping areas, meaning that your timeshare is a perfect opportunity to get your group of close friends together on an unforgettable vacation or to include your extended family on your next trip.

Since timeshare owners are allowed to split a timeshare with people that they know, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to the family to see if they want to join you on your next vacation. It also makes for a great way to have a family reunion if you have a smaller family and want to bring everyone together.

A timeshare is perfect for sharing and creating new memories because it is a pre-arranged week out of each year so it will give your friends and family something to look forward to. It gives everyone a chance to get together and spend quality time catching up with each other.

It also cuts down on the price when you split a timeshare with friends or family. This is great because it makes places that would otherwise be unaffordable more accessible for you to enjoy and experience.


If you’re someone that loves your vacations but wants to enjoy them in the most cost-effective way possible then you need to take a long, hard look at timeshares. This is especially true when you think about the destination. Some destinations cost as much as $500 per day, not including your flights.

If you visit the same place for the same length of time each year for 10 years, that money adds up quickly. You’ll find that you’re spending more than $35,000 over that time span in order to enjoy your vacation. Timeshares will require more money upfront as well as annual maintenance fees, but you’ll save thousands of dollars going the timeshare route.

Luxury Experience

Another big benefit of timeshares like the Disney Vacation Club is that they allow you to vacation in style and luxury. When you choose to vacation without a timeshare you’re likely to end up with a generic hotel room equipped with basic amenities like a queen-sized bed and a microwave.

This is a poor arrangement for a vacation, but it becomes even worse if you have a large group of friends or family attending this vacation with you. Timeshare resort units come equipped with the best amenities and tend to have multiple bedrooms to accommodate everyone you’ll be sharing memories with.

Timeshares normally include full kitchens as well as open and spacious living areas that make living there even more comfortable. The other amenities of the resorts are hard to beat as well. You’ll get to enjoy amazing pools and hot tubs, spas, and top-notch restaurants at the resort.

Cons of Timeshares

Timeshares have a lot going for them and there is no debating that. There are some drawbacks to timeshares that you need to be aware of before you decide to take the plunge and invest in one. Here is a closer look at some of the drawbacks of timeshares.

Less Vacation Flexibility

The big drawback that people think of when it comes to owning a timeshare is that you’re much less flexible when it comes to planning your next vacation. There is a certain period of time during the year that you’re allowed to go and enjoy the perks of your timeshare, but beyond that, you’re stuck waiting.

You’ll also need to be aware that the resort rotates the dates that you’re allowed to be there. This is done as a way of allowing each timeshare owner to experience the different seasons at the resort. If your timeshare time falls at a time of the year that doesn’t work well for you then you might be stuck renting your timeshare out.

When compared to owning your own vacation home, you have the flexibility to visit whenever you’d like and stay for as long as you want.

Unexpected Fees

Another disadvantage of a timeshare is the fees that come with owning one. There are normal costs associated with maintenance, utilities, and taxes. Sometimes you’ll get other fees for things like special assessments. These fees cover things like property improvements and repairs.

Timeshares that are located near the beach and face the possibility of hurricanes tend to have more special assessment fees, so be aware of that when shopping for your timeshare.

Difficult to Sell

Timeshares are also a bit difficult to sell if you decide that you wish to move on from yours. Unlike investing in real estate, investing in a timeshare is almost always a net loss. The main reason for this is due to supply and demand. There aren’t nearly as many interested parties when it comes to buying a timeshare compared to the number of timeshares on the market for sale.

Timeshares that are located near the beach and face the possibility of hurricanes tend to have more special assessment fees. Be aware of that when shopping for your timeshare.

Find Your Perfect Piece of Paradise Today

There are many benefits that come with getting a timeshare of your own, regardless of retail vs. resale. A good approach to take is to find a place that you love visiting or spending time at. See if there are any timeshares available as resale. Resale timeshares will save you thousands of dollars versus going the retail route though you’ll miss out on a few perks.

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