The Most Common Pests in American Households

Recent statistics suggest the pest control industry in America’s currently valued at $7.23 billion and growing every year. That’s because there’s no shortage of household invaders across the country.

If you’ve never had a pest problem in your home, you’re a rare individual indeed. Check out these common pests to find out what could be bugging you soon.

Most Common Pests in the South

The southern states, especially Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama have a hard time coping with termites. These wood-eating insects cause extensive damage to homes and businesses in this part of America every year.

That’s because these subterranean insects thrive in the humid, warm climates down south. Cold weather can kill termites, but unless you live in Alaska, you’ll need a professional termite service to get rid of them for good.

Biting Insects in the USA

Up north, in places like Vermont, New Hampshire, and the Dakotas, mosquitoes, and ticks pose a problem. Mosquitoes are also a pain on the east coast.

Bed bugs are by far the most prevalent pests by state in the USA, topping internet searches by thousands each month. They’re the most common household pest in 32 states.

The Midwest is another pest hotspot thanks to its thriving agricultural sector. All the crops, livestock, and water in this area make these states a haven for pests of all kinds.

What States Have the Most Bugs?

If internet searches for pest control services are anything to go by, Ohio is the biggest state by far, with over 8,000 inquiries every month.

Cleveland, OH, and Tulsa, OK, are the cities with the most bugs in the country, while Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana are the states with the least bugs overall.

Other Insect Issues

Spiders are common in Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, and Utah. Although these insects are annoying, they’re an important part of the ecosystem.

Instead of turning to insecticides, consider simply removing them, or get a pest expert to help deter them from entering your home.

Ants are a problem in Montana and New Mexico, while cockroaches dominate in the south and Hawaii.

Rats and Mice

Eighteen states have a problem with mice.

Although these small rodents aren’t as repulsive as rats are, they can still cause serious damage to electrical wiring and your belongings. They can also spread disease and filth.

According to the CDC, these rodents spread disease via their urine and droppings. Rats and mice love dark, warm spaces, rubbish, and lumber. Keeping your home clean and neat makes it less appealing to these creatures.

What’s Bugging You?

These common pests can cause real problems if left to their own devices. Over time, they damage your home’s infrastructure and cause great discomfort to its inhabitants.

The best course of action if you think you have uninvited guests in your home is to get assistance from a professional pest control company to identify the problem and make it go away.

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