The Average Life of Hot Tubs in Clarksville IN

The Average Life of Hot Tubs in Clarksville IN

As they say, “You get that which you pay for,” and this is especially true with hot tubs. A good jacuzzi is not inexpensive. It’s likely not a decent offer if you encounter one online that looks too tempting to be true. You really cannot get a good jacuzzi for $1,000.

Online purchasing is still superior to shopping at large box stores. The majority of these types of jacuzzis are poorly constructed, come with a short guarantee, and are delivered to the end of one’s driveway, where you will be responsible for doing the installation.

Dealerships for hot tubs are a safer option. However, before making a purchase from a hot tub dealership, always be sure to read internet reviews or seek third-party certificates. A certified dealership needs to fulfill a very high standard. The dealership’s customer service and satisfaction are evaluated by an outside auditor.

Installation, customer assistance, and a guaranteed warranty—typically three to five years for the cabinetry, plumbing, and controls, and 10 years for the shell—are likely included with purchases made from these dealerships.

In the event that your area lacks accredited dealerships, pick a dealership that offers well-regarded name-brand spas. Strong manufacturer warranties are included with these products. If an issue arises with your item within the warranty period, the manufacturer will cover the cost of repair or replacement.

How to Increase Your Hot Tub’s Life

You must make the commitment to maintain your spa on a regular basis if you want to receive the most value for your money. A daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual schedule will be necessary to maintain the best possible condition for your jacuzzi. Visit to take a look at the recommended care schedules for your new purchase.

To be certain you stay on schedule, try using an app that is designed to track cleaning and maintenance. Or, keep a written record of the dates that you perform the necessary maintenance so that it is accessible to you and you don’t get off schedule when caring for your home sauna. 

Every week

Testing the chemical balance of the water is the first step in your weekly regimen. This will provide you with the appropriate amounts of sanitizer, pH, and alkalinity to add to the water.

Make sure the spa has enough water in it for proper operation once the water has been balanced. You need to add additional water if the water level is below the backrest area. After cleaning the interior and outside of your jacuzzi cover, rinse the filter. 

Hot tub shock comes in last on the list. Weekly shock additions will keep your water clear and pure. It won’t take more than fifteen minutes to complete your weekly regimen if you get the feel of it.

Every month

A monthly comprehensive cleaning of the filter is recommended if you use your jacuzzi moderately to heavily. While the unclean filter is being serviced, replace it with a spare if you have one.

After soaking the soiled filter in a unique cleaning solution for the whole night, rinse it well and let it air dry. Your filter will continue to function at its peak with these monthly soaks. If you use your hot tub, you can get out by doing this merely once every three months.

Every three months

Every three to four months, drain your hot tub and give the shell a thorough cleaning in order to keep the water clear and balanced. Draining your tub as the seasons change is an easy way to remember this important activity.

This is also a great opportunity to clean the front and rear of your hot tub after removing the cover.


Every spring or autumn, thoroughly clean the interior and outside of your hot tub. To do this, empty the water, clean the outside and the shell, inspect and clean the lid, change the filter, refill the tank, and adjust the water balance. Click here for more on water filters. 

Now is also the perfect time to arrange for service maintenance with a local hot tub specialist. 

To maintain your hot tub’s water clear and balanced, drain it every three to four months and carefully clean the shell. One convenient method to keep in mind for this crucial step is to drain your tub when the seasons change.

Use this opportunity to thoroughly inspect the entire spa and visually check all of the components. A specialist can detect wear and tear on the components of your spa and address any faults before they become bigger ones.

Warm, Warm Spa

If you make the proper choice, a hot tub may be a prudent investment in both your physical and emotional well-being and your house. You may take advantage of a spa’s numerous advantages for many years by doing your homework and selecting high-quality equipment.