Some Tips to Uplift Your Post-Move Mood

Some Tips to Uplift Your Post-Move Mood

Some Tips to Uplift Your Post-Move Mood Depression is Melancholy and the hardest part of this stage is that it is addictive. Though there can be many unknown reasons behind depression, one reason can be moving to a new place or city. Moving to a new city has its perks; while you may be excited to move to a new place before the move and at the beginning of the move, you may start feeling pervasive and lonely after some time. You may start feeling lost, slow, and cold and may not resonate with your thoughts. Taking professional help will make it easier but only when the movers you choose are the best. You can visit here to check the movers details.

Being sad after moving to a new place is very common and almost everyone experiences it. They feel sad for a few days and then overcome it and start living their normal life. But others get into a loop of moving depression and find it hard to overcome. Moving across the country or even across the city can affect a person’s mental health.

Moving Depression is Real

If you too are facing this situation then know that moving depression is real and can be managed. Moving cross-country is overwhelming and brings out the crazy in you; you may find it hard to manage the move or handling your toddler while moving. While moving itself is a very tedious task, feeling depressed being alone after this mentally exhausting time is obvious. Relocation depression can hit you hard and you may lose interest in any daily chores and may not even feel connected to your new place. But don’t forget that you are not alone who is facing such things, it is perfectly okay to feel depressed after a long-distance move and you shall overcome it.

Moving Depression Symptoms

To fight a devil, we need to recognize it. Know the symptoms of moving depression and start fighting with them:

  • Mood swings are common as you may feel irritated, angry, sad, and anxious frequently.
  • Feeling of being alone, empty, and inadequate.
  • You may feel exhausted even after doing nothing. Fatigue is one important symptom of depression. You may feel tired and sleepy all the time even if you have not indulged in any physical activity.
  • You may not feel any zeal to do your daily chores and may feel unable to concentrate on your work.
  • You either start sleeping too much or don’t sleep at all. Insomnia is a very common symptom of depression.
  • Eating disorders are another symptom that you can relate to. Either you start eating too little or you eat a lot.
  • You may also experience digestive problems.

These are some common and generally observed depression symptoms too. Some people may even feel sick or even get a high fever after the move and this can also be a symptom. While we might be treating the disease, we may not realize the cause. These feelings are common as some people cannot accept the change easily.

Causes of Moving Depression

Not everyone goes through moving depression then what are the reasons that cause moving depression to some. Each individual reacts differently in different situations. The possible reasons behind moving depression can be:

Jet Lag

While you have moved successfully to another country, different time zones of your old and new location can drain the energy out of you. You may not be able to enjoy the success of your move as it will take a lot of effort to adjust to the new time zone. Your body and mind may take a little while to fit into it.

Hormonal Impact

Feeling of despair may trigger your emotions too much and that can cause hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance may impact a part of your brain and can cause mental depression. Some people face seasonal depression too so moving during a particular season can also cause moving depression in people with genetic or mental health issues.


Missing your family and friends can be one of the biggest reasons behind your depression. While it is important to overcome this reason, it is not possible to forget your place and people. You can even feel bad about objects that you could not bring along and you had to get rid of them.

If you too are having these symptoms, the good news for you is that it is manageable and can be cured by using some tips. While it is perfectly okay to feel sad as you may miss your old life, being grateful for your new life can bring your happiness back.


Moving to a new place is the perfect time to take care of you. Start a new routine and include all healthy habits in it. Go out for a walk, read a good book, and not to forget to pamper yourself with some skincare. Book a body massage session and enjoy it. Make sure you spend some productive time with your family and if you are living alone then meditation is the answer to all your problems. Meditate for a few minutes every day and you will feel much relaxed and full of energy. Listen to your favorite music while doing your chores.

Make New Friends

Making new friends is highly recommended to overcome moving depression. While it is perfectly fine to call your old friends regularly, don’t ignore the need of having new ones at the new place. Knowing some people around will create a feeling of belongingness to the place.

Know Your New Place Well

Go out and know the place well. We often do not realize but we miss the connection that we used to have with the people and markets in the old place. Make sure you go out and explore the city well and check out the supermarkets, restaurants, and other recreational areas around your new home. Once you will start visiting places, you will start feeling connected to the place. Greeting a stranger can heighten the feeling of happiness.

Look at the positive side of moving as you will be able to start a new life with a new purpose and can leave behind all your limitations. There will be no one to judge you and influence your decisions. Start afresh and start slow. Decorate your home and show your creativity and give a pat on your back once you are out of this temporary phase of being sad.