Seven Foods That Can Improve Your Libido

Seven Foods That Can Improve Your Libido

Typically, having an active and healthy libido is often associated with the emotional and physical well-being of a person. Thus, there is no element of surprise in the fact that there are certain foods, which play an active role in improving your sex life.  

When you eat a healthy and nutritious diet, it can benefit you in more ways than one. In general, it will: 

  1. Boost your stamina
  2. Improve your libido
  3. Better your heart health
  4. Improve the heart health 
  5. Better blood circulation

Further, by consuming foods rich in lean proteins and veggies and lowering the inclusion of saturated fats and sugar in your diet, you can do away with disorders, which hamper your libidos, such as hormonal conditions and metabolic syndrome. 

Here, in this article, we will cover a list of some of the best foods, which can perk your libido. Further, these foods are also incredible for your overall body health. 


‘Across history, chocolates have more often than not been an indicator of want and desire. It has an incredibly delicious taste and also goes a long way in boosting your sexual desire,’ points out Jasmine, an educator who offers do my online exam services. 

Upon consumption of chocolate, there is a release of serotonin and phenethylamine in the body. This can result in some mood-boosting and aphrodisiac effects in the body. 

Following a survey conducted in 2006, the impact of chocolate on sexuality is more psychological than biological. 

Raspberries and strawberries

Both of these fruits have seeds that are rich in zinc. Zinc is vital for boosting the sex drive in both men and women. In women with good zinc levels in the body, preparing for sex becomes easier. In addition, zinc directly influences the body’s testosterone levels, which are responsible for sperm production. So, after intercourse, it is recommended for both men and women to load up on zinc because zinc levels do drop after sex. 


‘Oyster is an aphrodisiac and is indeed one of my favorite food. It did help me with my libido too,’ shares Terrance, an educator who offers ‘do my English homework services. 

The aphrodisiac properties of oysters can be attributed to their rich zinc content. Zinc boosts the blood flow in the body. Consequently, the blood reaching the sex organs is also high. Zinc is quintessential for male fertility. In addition, it regulates the flow of testosterone hormones in the body. 

Following a study conducted in 2018, a zinc deficiency in the body can have a negative implication on the body’s testosterone levels. Oysters have more zinc than all other food sources. Serving size can cater to 673 percent of your daily requirement. However, if you do not enjoy mollusks much, you can even try crab or lobsters instead. Both kinds of shellfish are good zinc sources. 

However, if you are not a fan of seafood, you can even consume non-seafood alternatives, such as pork, beef, zinc fortified cereals, and pumpkin seeds.  


Remember Popeye and Olive Oyl? Weren’t those two continually chasing one another? Well, Popeye loved spinach, and it is certainly one food that can increase your libido. Spinach boosts the blood circulation in the body, especially to the male sex organs. Further, it is also a. rich magnesium source. Magnesium lowers blood vessel inflammation and boosts the blood flow in the body. When the blood flow is good, the blood is driven to the extremities and works quite like Viagara. This can accentuate arousal and make the act of lovemaking more pleasurable. In women, spinach consumption can make achieving an orgasm easier, whereas spinach consumption can make erections more natural in men.  


The aroma in celery contains two steroids, that is, androstenol and androsterone. So, when you consume celery, the light pheromone of these two chemicals passes through the sweat glands, thereby attracting the opposite sex. Additionally, celery also has an amino acid called arginine. It expands the blood vessels just like Viagra. 


Avocadoes are incredibly helpful for your immune system, all thanks to the presence of Vitamin E in them. They are also a source of healthy fats, which can aid in fighting against metabolic syndrome. In men with this disorder, there is a greater risk of erectile dysfunction. Moreover, avocadoes are also a great B6 Vitamin source. Finally, it can help relieve premenstrual syndrome, which helps improve a woman’s libido. 

Green tea

‘Regardless of how you consume it – cold or hot, green tea can be an excellent inclusion in your diet to boost your sex drive,’ comments June, an educator who offers online ‘do my assignment for me’ services. Green tea has a compound known as catechins in them. They can stimulate the blood flow in the body and lower the abdomen fat. There are two ways in which the catechins present in green can boost blood flow. Firstly, they will enable the blood vessel cells to eliminate the nitric oxide in the body, which, in turn, can enlarge the blood vessels and better blood circulation. Secondly, they help you get rid of free radicals that cause inflammation in the body. Consequently, they are better effective at blood transportation.  

In addition to drinking green tea straight, you can also include it in your oatmeal or smoothies. Alternatively, your green tea powder can also be added to yogurt and some baked goods.