Refrigerator Running? Top 3 Signs Your Fridge May Be Broken

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Having a refrigerator that works is especially important during the hot, summer months when leaving food out can cause it to rot. And, sometimes, your refrigerator can start behaving a little fishy!

If you’re unsure whether or not your fridge is running correctly or not, you’re not alone. Many homeowners run into refrigerator problems that can leave them with spoiled food and a mess to clean up.

To help you out, we’ve put together three signs that your refrigerator might not be operating at its finest. Let’s jump into these signs of a broken fridge.

1. You Notice Water on the Floor

One obvious sign of a broken refrigerator is if you notice water under the refrigerator. Water under the refrigerator means that there is ice buildup on the walls of your fridge that’s melting.

When this happens, you can wind up with water damage in the home. Calling a refrigerator repair contractor right away is critical for making sure that you prevent mold from developing and causing damage to your home.

You can also help prevent this from happening by cleaning under your fridge once every few weeks. This helps prevent ice from building up and leaking into the floor.

2. You See Condensation Inside the Fridge

Have you ever opened your refrigerator door and noticed little water droplets? These droplets of water are condensation in the refrigerator. That’s fairly normal, but if you’re noticing excessive condensation or water on your food, things might be amiss.

The reason for a buildup of condensation can vary. Sometimes, your refrigerator’s rubber seal cracks or tears, letting cool air out while the door is closed. Other times, your refrigerator’s mechanics are to blame.

Rather than throw out the fridge completely, give your local refrigerator repair team a call. They’ll be able to replace your refrigerator seal or get the mechanism working again without costing you an entirely new refrigerator!

3. Your Fridge Won’t Stay Cold

When you open your refrigerator door, you should feel a chill. Similarly, when you open your freezer door you should notice a blast of cold air. If you don’t, that means something isn’t right.

When your refrigerator and freezer aren’t cold, it means that the machinery is struggling to maintain the correct refrigerator. Your fridge will start to work overtime to try to keep itself at the right temperature.

As soon as you notice this issue, you should call a refrigerator repairman. Otherwise, you run the risk of rising energy bills and spoiled food lingering in your fridge.

Be Prepared for Refrigerator Problems

When you know what to look for, diagnosing refrigerator problems is easy. And, the faster you’re able to diagnose the issue, the faster you’re able to call in the help that you need.

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