Pickleball Rules: How to Play and improve your game?

Pickleball Rules: How improve your game?

Ever heard your friends talking about the Pickleball? Possibly, you want to try the game by yourself. But don’t know about the rules and how to play Pickleball? Don’t worry; it is not that difficult to play once you pick the game.

However, pickleball is not a determined game for any fixed aged people. Whether you are 10 or 50 years old, it doesn’t matter. Moreover, the rules and regulations of the game are very simple and easy. So, it is not that difficult to start the game even if you are a beginner.

Numerous health benefits and simple structures are increasing people’s interest in the game. Firstly, you can strengthen your muscles and reduce your weight by playing the game. Besides, the game keeps the brain function activated all the time during playing. Even after finishing the game, your nerve system and brain functions work so perfectly. 

After having so many benefits in one game, it is usual to get interested in it. Go through the article if you want to play the game and become an expert player. 

Pickleball court

Pickleball Court
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The size of the Pickleball’s court is almost the same as the badminton court 20” *44”. But, unlike the badminton court, the net of the is hung at the ground. 

Because of the placed net, the court is split into two non-volley zones where each zone includes 7″ length. Both the 7″ non-volley zones make 15″ long courts after joining. Here, the 15″ long court is divided into two zones crossing both sides of the net; right service zone and left service zone. 

Overall, the pickleball court includes five types of lines and areas. They are:

  • Baseline

The lines go parallelly with the net at the end of both sides of the court is the baseline.

  • Sidelines

The lines go perpendicularly with the court’s net at the end of each side of the court is the sidelines.

  • Non-volley zone

Two different straight lines surround the 7″ area of either side of the net. They are called NVZ lines, which are a part of the NVZ zone.

  • Centerline

The line exists in the middle of the 7″ zones at either side of the net are the centerlines. The centerlines separate both the right service zone and the left service zone from each other.

  • Service court

Service courts are the zone got by the splitting of 15″ long courts at each side of the net.

Pickleball rules and how to play

Usually, Pickleball is played between two opposing teams where each team contains one or two players. But the two-player team is most common in Pickleball. Let’s discuss the rules and regulations of the game. 

The pickleball serving

The game starts with serving of the ball by the paddle. You must keep the ball at the right hand and the paddle at the left hand when playing. However, serve the ball in a swinging motion with your underhand. 

Start the hit by taking your paddle below your hip. Make sure you don’t cross the baseline and remain into the serving box when first hitting the ball. 

Both of the teams get only one serve attempt for the first time. The server continues serving until the ball reaches the non-volley zone. 

When the ball crosses the Non-volley zone and goes to the opposite service box, he’ll get one point. But if the ball hits the net or fails to cross the net, the hit is called side out.

Here the first player can repeatedly serve until he loses a point. Always, the player of the right service zone becomes the 1st server. He hits the balls to the right service box’s player of the opposite party. 

Double bouncing rules

After serving the ball, the receiving team must let the ball bounce once before hitting. The same rule is effective for the serving team. The serving team must also wait until the ball bounces at the non-volley zone when coming from the receiving team.

You can hit the ball once it is bounced one off the non-volley zone inside the net. Otherwise, the serving team will lose the point. 

The non-valleys zone

The non-valleys zone starts from the net given at the center of the field. By keeping some space after the net, the service box starts inside the non-valley lines. You cannot hit the ball by remaining inside the non-volley zone near to the net. 

The ball you serve must first bounce inside the non-volley zone. You will lose the point if the ball directly reaches the opposite team without bouncing. Once the ball bounces on your side, you can repeatedly hit until it goes to the opposite side.

As long as you’re behind the line or over the non-valley line, you are permitted to hit the ball. But once the ball touches the non-valley line, the serving team will lose the point. 


Usually, the Pickleball is played to a score of 11 points. In order to win, one team must gain at least 2 points where the opposite team has zero points. But the tournament matches are played to 15 points or 21 points. The 2 points scoring method is also applicable in the tournament’s game.

Indeed, the rules of Pickleball are almost similar to badminton and tennis. One thing that makes the Pickleball dissimilar to the badminton or tennis is its scoring system. In Pickleball, only the serving team can make the point. Whereas, in tennis or badminton, both parties can make a score. 

The line calls

  • When the ball touches any line inside the non-volley zone without touching the non-valley line, the ball is entered. And you can respond to the serving team, only when the ball is considered to be entered.
  • The server goes out. The non-valley lines are not permitted to hit the ball. 

How to evaluate and improve your game?

You perhaps want to evaluate and improve your skills in pickleball gaming as you’ve known the rules. We’ll also help you regarding improving your skills in pickleball games. 

Play regularly 

You must have heard the proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect.” According to the proverb, the first rules of achieving any skills contentiously stick with it. 

Moreover, there hardly exists an alternative of practice when you diligently want to achieve anything. So, if you want to become an expert player, you must practice the pickle game regularly.

Warming up yourself

Before starting the game, you better warm up yourself for at least 10 minutes. You need to run continuously into the non-volley zone when playing Pickleball. It consequently can cause any severe injury if you get imbalanced during running.

Warming up will prepare your body for tackling the labor you’ll get from the game. Besides, a ten minutes warm-up will make you run continuously without causing any injury.

Play with integrity 

Don’t play only for just showing up. As long as you are determined to achieve the expertise in Pickleball, you must play with integrity. Your integrity and diligence about the playing will assist in bringing the success very soon.  

Be courageous to accept challenges.

Most people are afraid of accepting challenges for which they cannot reach their goals. You can achieve your goal when you dare to accept challenges and adjust yourself in difficult situations.

Every day, set a goal to learn the advanced step of the game. Never delay to admit your faults and make them correct immediately. Always try to play in a competitive environment. 

Upgrade your paddle 

Unbelievable but truth, upgrading the paddle improves a lot in your pickleball game. When you are playing with the paddle costs, $30-$50, you mightn’t get the performance that you want.

So, wouldn’t it better to improve your performance by upgrading your paddle? Try a new and substantial paddle and see what difference comes out!

Play with an experienced player 

Playing with the experienced player improves your game after a proper evaluation. That’s because the expert player can easily catch the errors and faults in your game and correct them. 

Especially when you are a beginner, expert’s suggestions and playing with them will help a lot. But it mightn’t be possible for every intermediate to get an expert player and play with him. 

In that case, you can choose your friends who play better than you. Besides, search for the expert’s suggestions and guidelines online about how to improve your game. 

Relevant questions

What do you wear to play Pickleball?

Anything that gives you comfortability while playing Pickleball, you can pick it. You are perhaps comfortable playing Pickleball by wearing a t-shirt, shorts, jeans and so on. Verily, the ideal and popular clothes for male players are sweatpants, athlete's shorts, a t-shirt, etc. Conversely, t-shirts and skirts are the ideal dress for the female player. However, players who play Pickleball outdoors during cold weather must use cold-resistant clothes. Cold-resistant clothes include hats, light jackets, sweatshirts, long pants, and so on. Legs comfortability is also an important factor when playing Pickleball. That's why you must choose ankle supportable and durable shoes. The rubber shoes are the best material that supports your ankle and grip flexibly. Fortunately, tennis and court shoes are made of rubber. Perhaps, that’s why it is preferable for shoes both for the pickleball players.

Can you play Pickleball with two players?

Although Pickleball is not usually played in a competitive environment, there are some rules for the game. The game is played between two teams, where each team has two players. You can also play the game with one player at each party. In that case, both of the opposite parties must have only one player. However, the Pickleball is preferable to play with two members in both parties.

Is Pickleball easier than tennis?

Pickleball is almost similar to tennis. But there are some differences that make the Pickleball better than tennis. Firstly, Pickleball needs a court that is small compared to the tennis ball. Verily, the short court of Pickleball is less laborious compared to the tennis court. Besides, the Pickleball needs underhand serving, which is useful for the shoulder. That’s why the game is appropriate for both the adult and children. Conversely, tennis needs overhead serving, which makes the game difficult for the old to play. Hence, in overall consideration, Pickleball is easier for all aged people than tennis.

Is Pickleball hard to play?

Pickleball is one of the fast-growing games in America. It almost accumulates the rules and materials of tennis, badminton, and Ping-Pong. Verily, some of the Pickleball's rules are separated from the other games, but they are not so hard to follow. In fact, almost all aged people, even the old, find it easy to play Pickleball. But at the high and professional level, it is difficult to play the game. For playing in a competitive environment, you must have to gain expertise in Pickleball.

The sum up!

We must know that regular exercise is a good way of self-esteeming and releasing from depression. And old age is the most favorable time for getting depressed. Sometimes the young people also fall into depression due to their robotic life. 

Fortunately, the Pickleball helps to remove your depression magically. It tries to bring some variations and enjoyment in your robotic life. Not only that, but the Pickleball also fulfills the necessity of exercising regularly. 

You’ll notice, when playing Pickleball, you have to run within the serving zone continuously. It makes your muscles and joints strong along with eradicating depression. Moreover, continuous running burns your calories and reduces your obesity. 

Therefore, if you want a depression-free and enjoyable life, you must regularly play Pickleball. As it is not so difficult, you can play it any of your age. Don’t be ashamed If you are entirely unaware of how to play Pickleball. Indeed, our guidelines about pickleball rules will and tips will help you to become an expert pickleball player.