Moving to the 6ix: The Best Neighborhoods in Toronto

Looking for a new place to live?

You could certainly do worse than making a move to Toronto, consistently ranked as one of the most popular places to live anywhere in the world. There’s a lot to love about the city, from its general livability to all the culture and entertainment that exists around every corner.

However, if you are making the move to Toronto, you’ll have to make them a more difficult decision of which neighborhood to live in. There are a number of areas that could all claim to be one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto, so finding the one that is the best fit for you can be a challenge.

How can you whittle down the options and pick out your ideal Toronto neighborhood? Read on and we’ll walk you through the options we think are best to consider.

Old Town

As the name might imply, Toronto’s Old Town is one of the older neighborhoods in the city, making it home to a lot of great history and some jaw-dropping architecture.

The most famous building in Toronto, the Gooderham Building, is there and offers some of the best eats the city has to offer.

Old Town is one of the more centrally-located neighborhoods within Toronto to reside in, which means it isn’t too difficult to access anywhere you want to go from home. There are many great rentals in this part of town as well, making it easy to snag a great apartment if you’re looking to move soon.

Kensington Market

There’s nowhere more exciting to live in Toronto than the cheerful and idyllic Kensington Market. This neighborhood is a little paradise made up of bars, coffee shops, book stores, and oddity shops, making any stroll down the block into an interesting and eclectic one.

The food within the neighborhood is to die for and you won’t be surprised to see foodie tourists flocking to some of the more popular spots to get a taste. Music is also around every corner, making it a lively and exciting experience.

If you’re looking for somewhere vibrant and exciting to live in, this neighborhood will be one you need to check out.

The Beaches

Living in Toronto can be a wonderful experience, but if you’re desperate to have a little less city life in your day-to-day, there are options for that as well.

Moving to The Beaches can help to provide you with a quieter lifestyle with plenty still to do and experience. The Beaches is located within the East End and is a short walk to the water, no matter where you reside within the neighborhood.

If you want to be a beach bum but be just a few minutes commute from Toronto proper? This is the spot for you.

Best Neighborhoods in Toronto

If you’re making the move to The Six, you have a lovely future awaiting you. However, you’ll need to dig through all of the best neighborhoods in Toronto before you’re able to finalize your move and decide where to live.

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