Moving to Alaska: Top 5 Reasons to Relocate to America’s Last Frontier

It’s time to go north to the future. More than 30,000 people moved to Alaska in 2020.

Many people wonder about moving to Alaska. They have seen images of it on the news, but they don’t know what life is like year-round.

What does Alaska offer for natural resources? How can a newcomer work inside of the state? What are homes for sale in Alaska?

Answer these questions and you can weigh the pros and cons of moving to Alaska. Here are five reasons why you should move.

1. Alaska Is Beautiful

Many people go to Alaska to take in the state’s incredible natural resources. You can visit Denali, the tallest mountain in North America. You can walk through Katmai National Park and see waterfalls.

You may encounter a wide number of wild animals while living in Alaska. You may come across bears, salmon, and birds like loons.

2. Alaska Is a Hub for Indigenous Culture

Indigenous people make up more than 15 percent of the population of Alaska. Dozens of Indigenous communities have their homes in the state.

You can find resources for education on Indigenous history and life in Anchorage and other cities. You can also join and donate to organizations that affirm Alaskan Native traditions.

3. You Can Work Remotely

It is true that Alaska is hard to reach from the continental United States. But Alaskans have made up for that disconnect with high-speed Internet access.

This means that remote jobs are available and popular. If you are a freelance writer or editor, you can set up your home and office in Alaska. You can also find state and federal jobs that are based online.

4. You Can Make a Lot of Money

In addition to remote opportunities, there are plenty of resources in the state for you to make money. The Permanent Fund Dividend gives annual payments to Alaska residents. You can receive more than one thousand dollars just for living in the state.

The Alaska State Fair hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists. This gives you an opportunity to sell your art, food, and other commodities.

5. Buying a Home in Alaska Is Easy

Alaska is the biggest state in the United States. While most areas of the state are remote, the size means you have plenty of opportunities to find a home.

Visit websites like to begin your search. Look at apartments in addition to free-standing family homes.

The Best Reasons for Moving to Alaska

Moving to Alaska may provide great opportunities for you. The state is one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you are of Indigenous descent, you can find communities and resources for Native life everywhere.

You can work remotely, thanks to high-speed Internet access. You can make money from the Permanent Fund Dividend and Alaska State Fair.

You should spend time assessing your real estate options. But there are services that you can rely on to find a comfortable home.

These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about Alaska by following our coverage.