Measuring The Efficiency Of Charcoal Dental Products

Measuring The Efficiency Of Charcoal Dental Products

Measuring The Efficiency Of Charcoal Dental ProductsIt won’t be inappropriate if we say charcoal products are fashionable to use in this modern age. Generally, we use charcoal dental products to make our teeth whiter, removing external stains. Aside from using charcoal for teeth, people use floss, tongue cleaner, and mouthwash these days to maintain top-notch oral health. On that note, with the advantages of using charcoal dental item comes along some downsides. Let’s look at the existing charcoal products for dental health one by one pointing out their upsides and drawbacks.

Charcoal Paste

To be precise, it’s a form of activated charcoal. This particular kind of substance is mainly made from woods, coconut shells, and some other natural components. It’s made through a process called oxidization. It’s done by extreme heat. With this process, you get to make fine powder from natural materials. Since the charcoal implementation is trendy, you will find various charcoal pastes from different market brands these days. The main scientific explanation of the widespread use of toothpaste is that it contains a high absorbent capability and can diminish toxins. However, let’s have a look at the pros and cons to identify its actual efficiency.


To start off, it will help you’re a great deal to clear marks from the surface of your teeth. As a result, your teeth get to appear whiter!

Also, charcoal can get rid of accumulated plaque on your teeth quickly. This is because; charcoal can increase the ph level of your oral cavity.


Charcoal is abrasive in nature. Hence, using charcoal regularly can do extensive damage to your teeth. For instance, for the abrasive substance, the enamel of your teeth will gradually wear away.

You will be heartbroken to know, most of the charcoal doesn’t have fluoride in them! You need fluoride in your toothpaste to build your teeth against cavities and decay. So, you keep on using charcoal toothpaste, you sadly end up damaged teeth.

Ironically enough, charcoal can cause staining in older teeth. That’s because the fine charcoal will get stuck between teeth and in the cracked areas of your teeth.

Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

This powder of charcoal has similar advantages and disadvantages. The only difference is, they are coming in different forms. There is one more difference, the powder comes in capsules stored in medicine bottles, and the paste comes in a tube. Anyhow, just like charcoal paste, the charcoal powder will also do a wide range of harms to your precious teeth with a small number of superficial benefits.

To be frank, it seems more harmful than the paste. As it’s the direct power you are using on your teeth, the fine powder will get stuck in your tooth faster. Also, it will accelerate the rate of tooth decay in comparison to charcoal paste.

Charcoal Floss

We all know the importance of flossing teeth. Using flosses loaded with charcoal is apparently is an excellent option! People who gravitate toward charcoal undoubtedly use charcoal flosses too. You will find different types of charcoal floss made from other materials. The most popular one is bamboo charcoal floss. Let’s take at its benefits and risk factors.


The floss can remove plaques that build up between teeth nicely. As it’s black in color, you will be able to see what it is precisely cleaning.

Besides, charcoal flosses are adept at fixing impurities of your teeth. They are made of coconut oil, which is truly good for the fitness of your teeth. The flossing procedure with charcoal will help with your bad breath.

Charcoal flosses are made of natural contents, and they are fully bio-degradable. We should appreciate their existence of being eco-friendly.


Charcoal flosses tend to loosen the gum of your teeth. It can lead to bleeding from the gums. Also, they fray easily when passing through broken teeth.

Charcoal Tongue Scraper

Charcoal Tongue ScraperYou can clean your tongue properly in many ways. With the charcoal trend, you will find a charcoal tongue cleaner as well. The charcoal in the scraper is made softer since you will be using it to clean your tongue. Let’s talk about some of the benefits and drawbacks of tongue scraper made of charcoal.


First of all, the charcoal on the scraper will allow you to clean tough bacteria from your tongue. Also, people use to keep their mouth ultra clean. It’s believed that charcoal will help you to take care of your mouth more skillfully. Also, clearing your tongue with charcoal will enhance the sense of test in your tongue.


We already mentioned a few times, charcoal is abrasive. Even if manufacturers claim to use a softer charcoal form considering tongue skin formation, there are reviews for people getting badly abraded by the charcoal. Also, you can’t really use it regularly, just like charcoal paste and power.

Charcoal Mouthwash

Charcoal MouthwashAmong all the charcoal dental products, mouthwash made of charcoal will sound safer to you! The mouth is made from natural substances since it’s made of charcoal. Instead of using a mouth made from alcohol and sulfate, charcoal, in this case, sounds better. Although the job a charcoal mouthwash does is not so different from a mouthwash made from artificial ingredients.

To Warp-up

Seemingly, charcoal is leading the beauty and dental sectors. The uses of charcoal dental items are getting higher all over the world. Maybe it has this vast acceptance around the world because it’s 100% percent natural and cruelty-free. Still, the research data don’t support its efficiency. So, make sure to use it by following the health codes.