The scent and flavour of vanilla are out of this world, which is why it is one of the most common and popular flavouring substances to use in desserts and certain savoury dishes. The vanilla bean paste is always very in demand, both by bakers and confectioners and homes.

The growth of vanilla is seen abundantly in Madagascar, which supports 75% of the world’s overall vanilla production. Other places known to grow good quality vanilla are Mexico, Indonesia, China and Papua New Guinea. There are so many wonderful benefits of regularly incorporating vanilla into the diet, if not daily, which will be listed in this article for readers to comprehend.

The benefits of investing in good quality vanilla extractspastes:

There are many kinds of vanilla extracts, either in liquid or solid form. The ideal way vanilla can be extracted that is not only organic, but also more nutrient-dense is the vanilla bean paste. This will allow users to incorporate it in any dish and get the most out of it compared to the essence. Following are a few benefits of consuming vanilla regularly:

  • Antioxidant effect: Unfortunately, cell damage is a common process in the body, which could be due to many factors such as ageing, a condition in the body, or simply a poor lifestyle. The cell condition can be improved by consuming foods with antioxidant properties, which help accelerate cell recovery.

Vanilla bean paste is one such food that, when consumed, helps with cell regeneration at a faster pace. Studies in 2021 have shown that vanilla has proven to protect against the damage of the human liver and other oxidative damage associated with age.

  • Improves overall brain health: The common compounds like vanillin and vanillic acid found in the vanilla bean paste and other extracts of vanilla have beneficial properties that support brain health. Apart from that, they also have a fascinating neuroprotective property that helps guard the overall nervous system and nerve receptors.
  • Anti-Inflammation property: The human body’s natural response to any foreign factor is to inflame the body, as a sign of immune response, and it is healthy, showing the body is functioning normally. But there are many illnesses that chronic inflammation is associated with, which, when not controlled, could be a deadly risk.

To prevent this inflammation and improve overall body health, eating anti-inflammatory foods such as vanilla which has components like vanillin.

  • Versatile cooking options: Vanilla is a great component to cook with, and its versatility makes it more exciting to work with. There are numerous books, blogs, videos, and age-old customs that have vanilla in the recipe, from delicious cakes and pastries to chicken and pot pie recipes that use vanilla to make it more flavourful. The list goes on, on how versatile this one ingredient is, that it is beneficial in terms of health and tastes amazing and so flavourful.
  • Helps reduce intake of sugar: This might be an unknown fact, but people who are trying to actually reduce their sugar intake in their beverages, for instance, can incorporate some form of vanilla to zhush up the drink and allow for the sweet flavour to overpower the need to add sugar. This trick always seems to work, as the sweet scent of the vanilla makes the consumer think there is sufficient sugar in the beverage and there is no need for any excess.