Kitchen Styles: 5 Exciting Ideas for 2021 (And Beyond)

Are you looking to reinvigorate your kitchen with a new sense of style? Then you’ve come to the right place! When your existing kitchen starts to feel stale, there’s nothing like an update to make you more motivated to cook.

Read on to learn about 5 exciting ideas for new kitchen styles!

1. Farmhouse Kitchens Are Warm and Inviting

When you want to create a homey and rustic vibe, a farmhouse kitchen is the way to go! You can mix warm wooden beams with bright white paint to achieve a clean and comfortable look. A few pops of black in your grout or window frames will add just enough contrast.

And you don’t have to invest in a whole lot to achieve this kitchen design. Are you on a tight budget? Painting cabinets white and adding a new subway tile backsplash are cost-effective ways to get the farmhouse kitchen design.

2. Mix Retro with Modern Features

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you favor a contemporary or traditional look. Why not get the best of both worlds? Mix retro lighting or floors with cleaner and new cabinets, for instance.

A checkerboard floor would look great with white countertops. Or some vintage handles and lighting fixtures could mesh with fresh laminate floors.

Skilled home designers can help you find even more ideas. They’ll be able to help you find the materials that fit your budget and elevate your look.

3. Kitchen Styles Benefit from Good Lighting

For a simple approach to a kitchen upgrade, consider adjusting your lighting. Big fluorescent lights can look dated and stale. And the light might be tinged with green!

Instead, go with recessed lights or track lighting for good illumination. Or try adding some accent lighting beneath cabinets or above the kitchen sink. Add a dimmer function, too, so you can set the right mood at your next dinner party or date night.

4. Keep It Traditional

When it’s time to peruse kitchen design trends, know that traditional styles are always in style. Classic wooden cabinetry with an ornamental backsplash will provide the ideal backdrop when you’re preparing¬†Thanksgiving dinner or a cup of coffee.

You’ll keep your home fresh and inviting. And in the process, you’ll help your home value stay in good shape.

5. Modern Kitchen Themes Look Sleek

For a modern kitchen design, go with a more contemporary approach. This may involve using glossier surfaces like quartz or granite for your kitchen island. And when you’re mapping out a kitchen layout, you’ll want that kitchen island to be the star of the show.

Keep fixtures minimal and opt for recessed lighting. Go with muted and natural colors, too, for the ultimate contemporary style.

Find the Right Kitchen Design for Your Home

When it comes to kitchen styles, the options are endless. You can keep your investment on the low end and still update a backsplash or cabinet hardware. Or you can redo it all to achieve the perfect vintage or modern look!

For the latest home improvement ideas, check back for new articles.