Internet Pharmacy Scams You Need to Avoid

When you’ve got a serious medical condition, taking care of your health is crucial.

Sometimes, that care includes preventing scammers from manipulating your health concerns for profit.

That’s because Internet pharmacy scams are unfortunately common, causing many medical patients to compromise their health and finances.

For the sake of your livelihood and health, it’s crucial that you understand some common online pharmacy scams and how to avoid them.

So keep reading to read about a few common Internet pharmacy scams. This way, you’ll recognize a scam before you ever get a chance to succumb to it.

Prescription Drugs With No Prescription

Taking prescription drugs not prescribed to you is illegal. So is distributing prescription drugs to those without a prescription for those drugs.

Not only that but any online pharmacy that claims they can is manipulating you. While they might send out medicine, it’s most likely mislabeled, expired, or even worse — laced with other toxic substances.

No matter your reason, it’s never worth buying from these illegal online pharmacies. Doing so is, at the very least, illegal. At the most, it’s lethal to your own health.

Miracle Cures

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. This applies especially when trying to find a safe online pharmacy. So if an online pharmacy claims to have the cure for cancer in stock, steer clear.

Unfortunately, many scammers will take advantage of patients’ vulnerability by claiming to possess cures for serious medical ailments. Dementia, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis are only a few medical conditions that don’t currently cure. But a fake pharmacy will claim that they do to tap into a desperate niche.

Scammers also don’t care about sending out safe drugs. So not only will the medicine they send out not work, but it could also be actively harmful to your health. While you paid for a miracle cure, you’ll most likely worsen your condition by ingesting unregulated drugs.

International Online Pharmacies

Any online pharmacy located outside the US that claims to ship around the globe is a fake pharmacy. Not only is doing so illegal, but it’s unlikely you’ll receive anything at all.

In fact, very few pharmacies can actually fill a foreign prescription. So the chances of any being able to ship drugs internationally is essentially none. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but they might not apply to you.

Most likely, you’ll have to talk to a local health provider to get a prescription for your medicine if you travel overseas. Otherwise, you risk getting sent ineffective and/or dangerous drugs or not receiving any medicine at all.

Don’t Let These Internet Pharmacy Scams Fool You!

Scouting out a fake online pharmacy could mean the difference for your life, health, and your finances. While many scammers will try to exploit your condition with Internet pharmacy scams, you have enough power to prevent them from actually taking advantage of you.

If this guide helped you navigate online pharmacies more safely, then check out the rest of our blog! We’ve got plenty of other great information for cautious readers just like you.