How to wear a Scottish Kilt like a pro?

How to wear a Scottish Kilt like a pro

How to wear a Scottish Kilt like a proAre you new to wearing a kilt and does not know how to pull off the kilt-wearing look like a champion then worry no more because here we are at your rescue? In this article, we will answer a commonly asked question regarding how to wear a Scottish kilt.

Even if you wear the Kilt since childhood, sometimes it gets hard for a person to remember the correct way of wearing all the accessories that come with a kilt. Here is a quick guide for you to wear it in its full zest


We will begin wearing kilt rules with a waistcoat and jacket. For a semi-formal look, scots mostly prefer wearing five-button waistcoats over the Kilt. For formal occasions, go for Prince Charlie three-button jacket. Remember that the color of the waistcoat or jacket should always compliment the color of the Kilt, our main line of products prince Charlie jacket for sale.


According to a true Scotsman, the Kilt should be wrapped around your lower body. The pleats of the Kilt should cover the rear side, and the apron must overlap the front. When it comes to fringe, it should be on your right-hand side. Always wear the Kilt above your navel region as it is a high waisted dress.


There are three types of shirts that go hand in hand with the kilts. The first one lies under the category of ghillie shirts: it’s a loose-fitting shirt that answers the query of those who ask how to wear kilt casually. The leather lace of the shirt is left hanging on the front. For formal kilt dress, the wing collar shirt looks excellent. Besides that, Victorian collar shirts are also worn on ceremonial occasions.


It is the third most important factor when it comes to how to wear a kilt like a true Scotsman. The sporran’s strap should move through the loops of Kilt at rare so that the sporran can be worn at the front.


The kilt belts are only worn when the person does not intend to wear the waistcoat. It is tied above the sporran and is worn through the kilt loops at rare.


The hose is where the scots kept their Sgian Dbah. Try to choose the one that complements the kilt color. It is worn at the bottom of your knee.

Fly Plaid:

This accessory offers a more formal touch to your kilt outfit. It is recommended that you match your plaid with the tartan design and color of the Kilt. Plaid is worn at the left arm and is secured by the Brooch, learn more sheriffmuir doublet jacket Green Colour on our website

How to Wear a Full Formal Kilt Outfit with All Accessories (Video)

Final word

A newbie when it comes to traditional Scottish dress repeatedly asks how to wear a Scottish kilt. In this article, you have learned about different components of Kilts and how to wear it correctly. If you wear Kilts for women since childhood, even then, it gets troublesome to remember how to use all the accessories that come with the dress. Kilt dress for formal and semi-formal dress differs, and so does its accessories.