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How To Style Your Bedroom To Promote Sleep

How To Style Your Bedroom To Promote SleepThe quality of the sleep that we get is crucial to our overall health. When we sleep, our body has a chance to rest and repair itself so that we are ready for the next day. The average human lifespan is about eighty years, and the average person spends approximately twenty-six years of that life sleeping! With this in mind, it’s crucial that you design your bedroom to help you get the best sleep possible. 

When it comes to your bedroom design, there is a lot that you can do to promote sleep. As ever bedroom is different, it’s crucial that you consider the unique attributes of your space when you are styling your bedroom. Which direction does the light come from in the morning? Do you live on a busy street? Is there a lot of outside light to deal with? You will also need to consider how you like to sleep and what environment helps you to fall asleep. Answering these questions will help you to create a bedroom design that will allow you to sleep soundly moving forward. 

Let’s take a look at a few bedroom design tips that will help to promote better sleep when you turn out the lights. 

Choose The Right Bed

Above all else, it’s essential that you have a bed that is comfortable and that allows you to get a solid night’s sleep. As everyone;s sleeping habits, movements and patterns are a little different, it’s important that you take the time to try out some different bed frames and mattresses to find a solution that works for you. 

Most showrooms will let you lie down on beds in store to get a feel for some different setups. If you sleep with a partner, be sure to bring them with you as having two people in the bed can affect the movement of the mattress and the springs. Having a better understanding of what you like will help you to choose a bed that will guarantee you are always rested when you wake up. 

Consider Your Lighting

Bright overhead lighting is not ideal when you’re trying to relax and get your beauty sleep. Instead, choose soft lighting that will create a warm cosy glow in your bedroom. Table lamps, accent lighting and candles are all great options to help create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom to send you peacefully off to sleep. 

Invest In Good Curtains

If you live in the countryside, many sleep experts would advise sleeping with the curtains open to encourage your body’s natural circadian rhythm. However, as most people live in urban areas and suburbs where there can be a lot of light pollution and noise, it’s wise to invest in decent curtains. 

Choose curtains that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Black out curtains are the best choice when it comes to keeping the light out, while heavier material can also be a great way to add some additional insulation to your room, keeping it nice and cosy when bedtime rolls around. 

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Relaxing Oasis Of Calm

If you are redesigning your bedroom, you should optimise your design for the primary function of the room; sleep! Focusing on the key elements of your bedroom design discussed above, you can quickly transform your bedroom into a tranquil oasis of calm, providing you with the perfect environment to get a great night’s sleep. With better quality sleep, you will have more energy, be in a better mood and have more focus than ever before, allowing you to make the most of every day ahead.