How to Descale the Nespresso Machine with Vinegar?

How to Descale the Nespresso Machine with Vinegar

When it comes to cleaning our home equipment, we usually rely on commercial products. But, nothing is as good as the cleaning solution you can make with the home ingredients.

The cooking ingredient vinegar is one of those home cleaning solutions. Whether it is your kitchen sink or microwave, a small amount of vinegar is enough to clean them. For descaling the Nespresso machine, the vinegar is more than a reliable option.

But, how to Descale the Nespresso machine with vinegar? It must be surprising if you have heard the first time that vinegar can be your cleaning solution.

Stay connected with us to figure out how the vinegar can clean your Nespresso machine.

How to Descale the Nespresso Machine with Vinegar?

Vinegar is full of acid, which makes it a cost-effective amazing cleaner for your Nespresso machine. Instead of vinegar, you can bring the commercial descaler.

But, the homemade descaler is always a good solution to clean your coffee machine. However, you cannot apply it directly to your adorable coffee machine. The direct application of vinegar might cause a defect to your Nespresso machine. 

So, you must know how to Descale the Nespresso machine with vinegar.

Step 1: Do the manual instrumental check

Do an instrumental check before cleaning your espresso machine. If the machine has any minor flaws, fix it by calling a mechanic.

Unimaginably, a minor flaw in the machine can cause a major problem once you start to clean. So, it’s mandatory to take the highest precautions while cleaning the Nespresso machine.

Read the manufacturer’s precautions and guidelines for operating the espresso. The starting and operating process might differ depending on your machine’s type.

Step 2: Make your homemade cleaning solution with vinegar

Citric acid is the most beneficial material for making the cleaning solution. But instead of citric acid, we’re going to use vinegar in our cleaning solution.

In a bowl, pour a 50/50 ratio of water and vinegar. Stir both of these ingredients with a spoon to mix properly.

Step 3: Clean the Nespresso machine with the homemade cleanser

Pour the vinegar solution into the machine container and operate the machine as if you’re making coffee. It is called the descaling process, which may take some time based on your machine type.

Press any button on the machine to rinse the cleanser. If it’s Vertuoline, press the starting button for 7 seconds after putting the cleaner in it. Conversely, for the Citiz, Inissia, and Pixie, you have to tap their two flashing switches for 3 seconds. Of course, press all the buttons at a time.

Furthermore, if you’re cleaning the Prodigio espresso machine, press the three flashing buttons for three seconds.

Step 4: Bring out the cleanser from the machine

After a while, the machine will automatically bring out the dirty water to another side. With the cleanser, the dirt, gunk, clogging, and other minerals will also come out from the machines.

Step 5: Rinse Rinse and Rinse

Have you cleaned your espresso machine? Wait! It isn’t done yet! The machine will odor if you don’t wash it with the water after using a vinegar-made cleanser.

So, refill the machine container with a quarter of clean water. Now, rinse it by starting the machine as you’ve done for the vinegar cleaning solution.

Do the same with water several times by giving an interval each time. Rinsing with water will not let any junk or odor stay in the espresso machine.

Step 6: Feel the smell of water.

Smell the water has come out from the Nespresso machine. If the Nespresso has no more odor smell, you won’t feel any water’s vinegar odor. But, if you get the smell of vinegar, that means the machine hasn’t cleaned yet.

Continue rinsing the water into the machine-like before and ensure the water smell is fresh.

Step 7: Make a fresh espresso coffee

Congratulations! You have made it!

As you have cleaned the coffee maker, it is righteous to present yourself with a cup of Nespresso. Make a fresh cup of espresso coffee and see whether it has the right taste of the coffee.


Can white vinegar be used to descale the coffee machine?

Yes, the white vinegar can be used to descale the coffee machine. In fact, it can make an amazing homemade cleaning solution for the espresso coffee machine.

Most importantly, it is essential to remove the lime and scale build-up from the espresso machine.

What happens if I don’t descale my coffee machine?

The running water during the coffee is making a build-up scale into the espresso machine. The build-up scale and mineral hinder the running of the machine smoothly.

So, the water into it cannot reach its optimal temperature. Consequently, the machine cannot extract all flavor from the Nespresso coffee, and the coffee becomes tasteless.

However, because of the clog and mineral scale, the machine also can stop working.

What can I use rather than the descaling solution?

Usually, the descaling solution is made with citric acid to clean the espresso machine. Citric acid is a commercial cleansing solution used for cleaning and removes all stains closely.

But you can use vinegar instead of citric acid. This is applicable when you prefer to use the dye materials as a descaling solution.

How often should you descale a Nespresso machine?

In order to run your coffee maker smoothly, you must clean it every 6 months. In other words, clean the espresso coffee machine after making 600 cups of coffee with it.

Can I use any descaler in my Nespresso machine?

When it is about the Nespresso machine, let us tell you, this brand produces its own cleaning solution. Regardless, you can use any commercial cleanser to clean your machine, whether it’s Nespresso or others.

But, make sure the cleaner is in fluid form, and you’re following all the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, you may cause problems or damage your Nespresso machine.

The Sum Up!

If you’re a serious coffee addict, your Nespresso machine will become frequently dirty. You’ll need to clean your coffee machine every 2-3 weeks in that case.

But, how to Descale the Nespresso Machine with vinegar? The commercial cleaning product is not that good for cleaning our home equipment.

Indeed, lots of commercial cleaning product claims for high security while cleaning. Still, home cleaning ingredients are always the best option with no bad effect.