Check Out Replacement Window Styles to Enhance the Look of Your Home

How much thought do you give to your windows? If you’re like most people, it’s probably not a topic you constantly dwell on. However, your windows matter more than you realize.

For pragmatic reasons, your windows play an essential role. If your windows are in poor condition, they can’t block out UV rays. This failure will lead to an increase in your energy bills.

Likewise, if your windows don’t look appealing, it lessens the curb value of your home. It’s vital to know about replacement window styles to prevent these problems.

Replacement windows has several benefits, as it can increase home value and energy efficiency. To learn how to choose the right windows, continue reading!

Replacement Window Styles: Double Hung Windows

Among the most common window styles on the market is the double-hung window. These windows have a longer, vertical shape that provides a classic look. They’re “double-hung” because they open with two vertically sliding pieces.

Double-hung windows are particularly convenient options. You can clean them easily, enjoy excellent airflow, and customize them in a variety of ways.

The alternative to double-hung windows is single-hung, which only has one opening sash on the bottom that slides up and down. While these windows work well, they provide a safety risk to households with small children.

Children can climb these windows and risk falling out. Double-hung windows avoid this risk by having an openable top sash that children can’t climb. If you’re concerned about prices, learn more by checking out this information from Paramount Builders.

Casement Windows

If you’re looking for a stylish choice for your new windows, casement windows might be perfect for you! These windows are particularly advantageous if you have a great view outside your window.

Rather than slide vertically like double-hung windows, casement windows open horizontally to the left or right. They do so by utilizing a lever or crank, which makes them easy to close and open.

Casement styles make excellent energy-efficient windows, as their airtight seals prevent your heat or air conditioning from leaking out. This effect saves you money on your utility bills.

Bay Windows

Bay windows provide a beautiful look to any room. Whether you want a comfortable reading corner or a gorgeous view from your bedroom, bay windows will suffice. They make any room look more expansive and allow for ample natural lighting.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open upward at an angle, connecting the window’s top to your wall. The opening angle gives the window an awning effect that prevents rain or snow from getting inside the house. This makes them excellent for providing airflow.

Awning windows are popular choices for bathrooms and basements. They also provide extra safety, as they’re difficult to break from the outside.

Find Your New Windows Today

These popular replacement window styles can do wonders for increasing your home value. More importantly, they provide a beautiful aesthetic to your home that makes it even more comfortable.

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