Best European Countries to Live In: A Complete Guide

The idea of moving to Europe has long been something many Americans find fascinating. Given the fact that close to 50% of the world’s wine comes from Europe and Europeans consume half of the world’s chocolate, it sounds like a great place to be!

Figuring out exactly where to live in Europe though, can take some research and serious planning. What is your goal? Are you looking for a better quality of life? Is it financial stability you desire? Maybe you want access to education?

Whatever your reason for moving to Europe, keep reading to learn more about the best European countries to live in so you can make the right choice for your new place to call home.

Best Countries to Live in Europe for English Speakers

While Europe is multilingual and many Europeans speak English, it’s not spoken everywhere. You’ll have no problem getting along with speaking English in many major cities and tourist areas, but you’ll find it a little more difficult in smaller towns.

Some of the fun of moving to a new place is getting to learn about a new culture and learn a new language. If, on the other hand, you want to live in a country where English is the native language or spoken by many of the residents, there are plenty of places you can choose.

Ireland is the obvious one, but Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland are also great choices. These Scandinavian countries have a high level of English fluency.

The Netherlands’ official language is Dutch, but most Dutch citizens are fluent in English. You’ll find a great many English speakers in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, but you still need to learn the native language for day-to-day life. English is widely spoken in both Portugal and Croatia.

Best European Countries for Families

When considering factors like the cost of childcare, property affordability, and maternity and paternity leave provisions, some countries in Europe are better than others when it comes to raising a family.

Greece is considered a top contender because of the length of its paid maternity leave. Iceland is the safest country if that’s top in importance to you.

Spain is a great choice because the locals are very friendly and welcoming. You’ll enjoy the sunny weather and mild winters.

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Now You Know: The Best European Countries To Live In

When deciding to move abroad, it’s helpful to know the best European countries to live in for your individual situation. No matter what kind of life you imagine for yourself, Europe has it all. Get ready for the adventure.

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