5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing HVAC Systems

More than $14 billion are spent installing HVAC systems in the USA per year. That means about 3 million HVAC systems.

Many of these systems are due to various mistakes installing HVAC systems incorrectly, of the wrong size, or because of poor maintenance. Want to know how to avoid replacing an HVAC system prematurely?

Keep reading to find out five common reasons for replacing HVAC too soon.

1. Filter Faux Pas: Wrong Type and Time

When you’re installing HVAC systems, the manufacturer’s filter is made for your system to run as intended. However, there are tons of aftermarket filter types to choose from

Some might say they work for all systems, but your system might not be designed to handle it. Similarly, people almost never replace their filters on a good schedule.

This guide can help you to pick the right filter for your system and make a good schedule for replacing them. Not all filters are the same. Information is power.

2. Poor Air Distribution Design

If you have the right duct and drainage design for your HVAC system, life will be a breeze. Good ducts are essential for heating and cooling efficiency and leaks into attic spaces will cost you dearly.

Duct sizes that are suitable for your unit will help keep pressures regulated in the normal range and keep you cool (or toasty) at the right times. When you’re installing new equipment, get new ducts while you’re at it.

3. Buying the Cheapest System

Don’t worry, everyone is trying to save a dollar where they can. One place you shouldn’t try is in your HVAC system. You get what you pay for when it comes to HVAC.

In this case, you want to sweat the small stuff or you’ll be sweating for everything. Conversely, being an inefficient system because it’s cheap will cost you in electricity down the road.

Don’t get cold feet when it comes to spending a little extra on quality systems.

4. Using an Inexperienced Installer

HVAC systems are expensive and important parts of any structure. It doesn’t make sense to leave it to a novice. Incorrectly installed ducts and HVAC systems can cause more issues than bad design.

You could end up damaging the structure and causing more headaches down the road. Don’t rely on inexperienced installers. Search diligently for the right person with the right experience in the right kind of system for your structure.

5. Installing HVAC Systems of the Wrong Size

There’s a Goldilocks zone for every HVAC system installation. A new HVAC system that is too small won’t cool or heat your space well and wear out faster as it tries to keep up.

Bigger isn’t always better, either. An oversized system won’t only cost you more to install, including ductwork, but will also cost an arm and a leg in electricity. It too will almost always wear more quickly too.

Get a professional to choose the right system for your space. Likely, they’ll end up saving you some dough.

Keys to Replacing and Maintaining Your HVAC System

By following these tips for installing HVAC systems and maintaining them the right way, you won’t have to prematurely replace your HVAC system. With regular HVAC maintenance with the right parts and filters, your system will run more smoothly for longer.

Keep browsing our articles for more tips on how to maintain your system to keep it in tip-top shape and what to look for it if it’s struggling.