3 Tips For Starting An Indie Fashion Brand

3 Tips For Starting An Indie Fashion Brand
3 Tips For Starting An Indie Fashion Brand

There’s always a backstory to every successful fashion brand. Some of the most well-known brands in fashion today may have started as small businesses in the bedrooms of young visionaries. 

There’s more to building a successful clothing brand than merely designing apparel. A well-thought-out business plan may be needed for steady growth. As such, aspiring designers would have to master marketing, production, and sales too. 

Building a successful clothing brand from the ground up is challenging, but it can be done. Don’t forget that every well-known designer brand today has had its humble beginnings. Wondering how to launch your indie fashion brand? Here are some tips for success: 

  1. Establish A Brand Identity 

Your brand identity is essential when starting a clothing brand. This is especially true in the fashion world. The clothes people wear say a lot about who they are and how they want to be perceived by the world, making them uniquely personal. In light of this, the brands and labels individuals flaunt become reflections of their personal identities. 

In today’s world, millennials want to experience brands and demand authenticity. If that’s the case, then the only way for indie clothing brands to make it in the highly competitive fashion market is to deliver a unique and compelling message to the target audience. 

Before you even begin sketching your first design and launching your clothing line, you might want to ask yourself these questions: 

  • What’s the intended public perception of the brand?; 
  • What kind of person would wear my clothes?; and
  • As a clothes retailer, how do I stand out from the competition? What do I offer that others don’t? 

The answers to these questions will shape your brand’s identity and strategy. It’d also help to incorporate these ideas into all future branding decisions–brand name, logo, design, and the like. The fashion industry is incredibly dynamic and ever-changing. Therefore, it’s crucial to establish your brand identity from the get-go. 

  1. Think Practically When You Design 
3 Tips For Starting An Indie Fashion Brand

Now is your opportunity to show off your creative side! Start designing the first collection of your indie fashion brand as soon as you have developed your brand’s identity. Your image as a designer will be determined mainly by your debut collection, so put in the time and effort to create something you’re proud to have and represent you in the future. 

Plus, you’d have to be practical. It’s imperative that anything you create can be manufactured efficiently and at a low cost. This is especially true if you’re launching a brand-new clothing line from scratch. If you need help with this, visit useful sites like printful.com/custom-clothing.  

  1. Develop An Effective Sales Plan 

One can’t just focus on production and call it a day as a clothing brand. You may need to think about how you intend to market your clothes collection. Unfortunately, there’s no fit-for-all solution. For an indie fashion brand that’s only starting, not every method of selling will be practical or cost-effective.  

So, it’s advisable to come up with your process of selling. To successfully market and sell your clothing line, creating a long-term plan and a set of daily actions would be best. But if you’re stuck for ideas, you can use these tried and true methods

  • Online Selling 

Compared to opening a brick-and-mortar store, selling a clothing line in an online store requires much less time and money to set up and maintain. This is because an online store doesn’t have to pay rent, a mortgage, or property taxes and doesn’t need store fixtures. Furthermore, an online store can be set up quickly and with little technological know-how required. 

  • Selling In Person 

If you intend to open a physical store, it’s wise to first test the waters by selling to established boutiques first. This gives you several advantages, including the ability to conveniently accept credit card payments without setting up a merchant account first. Additionally, it eliminates the need to find and pay for physical space.  

It’s essential to select boutiques that fit well with your brand’s identity and your target market as well. Advertising to the lingerie boutique owners down the street is probably not the most effective way to attract people interested in vintage shirts. 


Every well-known fashion brand has a story behind it. Some of the most popular fashion brands today may have started as small businesses run out of the bedrooms of young individuals with big dreams. But there’s more to building a successful clothing brand than just designing clothes. A well-thought-out business plan may be needed for steady growth. As such, people who want to be designers would need to know how to market, make, and sell things. 

Starting an indie clothing brand can seem overwhelming since there are many things to do. So, if you’re considering opening one, it’s best to prioritize the tips mentioned above to help you out.