3 Reasons Why Saloon Doors Make a Great Addition to Any Home

Is it time to start jazzing up your home with some new accessories and additions?

You’re bored of your standard old doors and archways. Why not make entering each room an experience? Have you considered installing some saloon doors?

We know what you’re thinking. “I’m not a cowboy.” While you’re correct, there are plenty of reasons that saloon doors are still a great option.

Saloon doors aren’t just for honkytonk bars and old-timey photos anymore. They can be a great addition to any home renovation project!

Not convinced? No problem. Keep reading to learn all about why you should consider adding these swinging doors to your home.

1. They’re Whimsical

Who doesn’t want to add a bit of whimsy to their home decor?

Standard doors are boring and plain. They’re fine for areas where you want privacy (after all, for all of their good qualities, saloon doors are far from private), but they’re not necessary everywhere.

It’s a similar story with archways. While they open up the room and keep it flowing, they’re often plain.

When you finish your saloon door installation, you’ll get a creative addition to your home that no one else in the neighborhood has. You even have options when it comes to height, color, and style. There are options for every aesthetic preference in the saloon door collection.

Don’t worry about doors not fitting into your home renovation. They’ll make it pop.

2. They’re¬†Quiet

For a more practical benefit, saloon doors are so quiet that they work in any home.

Anyone who’s ever had an infant or light sleeper living with them knows that even the smallest noise can cause them to wake up. You have to gently close the doors if you don’t want to disrupt anyone.

When you have saloon doors, you don’t have to worry about it. Saloon doors aren’t suitable for bathrooms, of course, but they’re fine for nurseries, dining rooms, and even closets.

You can’t slam them by accident and they won’t even click closed.

3. They Open Up Your Space

If you like the idea of a more “open concept” space but you don’t have an open concept floorplan, saloon doors can help.

When you’re in the kitchen, wouldn’t it be nice to see out into the living room or dining room? You want people to be able to go in and out freely and to be able to communicate from room to room.

Saloon doors make this possible.

An added benefit to opening up that space is allowing more light into every room. You’ll still have your rooms sectioned off, but that won’t make them stuffy or dark.

Saloon Doors: Add Whimsy and Function to Your Home Today

When you install saloon doors into your home, you’re adding a functional and unique new feature. While saloon doors make for unusual home decor, they’re a perfect addition to any home.

Why wait? Start your home renovation with saloon doors today.

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