15 Benefits Of Pressure Washing Your Home, Driveway, And Sidewalks

15 Benefits Of Pressure Washing Your Home, Driveway, And Sidewalks

We often hear the terms power washing and pressure washing used interchangeably.

But are they really the same thing?

The answer will give you a mixed feeling. Although they are the same in terms of using pressure to clean dirt, the key differences lie in how each service is used.

As far as the water pressure is concerned, both use the same amount of water pressure. Yes, depending on where the machines will be used, the pressure might vary, but that is a subjective change that works for both.

If we are particularly talking about the types of machines used in power cleaning and machine cleaning, there is one key element that differentiates the two.

– A Heating Element.

Both machines use high stream water to clean dirt, but a power washer also heats the water.

While both methods are effective and do the work for you, power cleaning is not quite used often because of the additional charges associated with it.

So, we will not be going to focus on a method that is not popularly used. Instead, we will focus on what pressure washing is all about and its benefits.

What Is Pressure Washing?

A pressure washing machine is a powerful machine that sprays a jet stream of water at high pressure. The pressure is powerful enough to remove loose paint, dust, mold, mud, and dirt. The volume of the water used in the pressure washing is often expressed in gallons or liters per minute.

Although pressure washing is an effective method to clean some of the hardest dirt, there is a downside to it. You need a consistent supply of water. If the water supply is cut off during the pressure washing, it can damage the pump.

Pressure washing services come with different nozzles to help you remove different types of dirt in different locations. 

You must understand that pressure washers are a dangerous tool and need to be operated with due regard to safety instruction. If you are in need of any cleaning services, contact Mobile Pressure Washing Services.

Benefits Of Pressure Washing

Are you wondering if pressure washing is really worth it? After all, you have your garden hose, which can be an easy alternative to pressure washing.

Your home driveway and sidewalk take years around the beating of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and ever-changing weather conditions. These cause the build-up of molds, algae, insects, and other harmful contaminants.

These problems are so deep-rooted that it is impossible to clean without any extraordinary means, such as pressure washing.

Below are a few benefits that you can reap with pressure washing.


1. Less Toxic

When you spend most of the time at home without cleaning it, it becomes a toxic environment to live in. Furthermore, a strong smell coming from your house can be a significant factor in devaluing your home’s value.

However, with pressure washing, you can easily clean all the dirty corners and get rid of the foul smell. In addition, as pressure cleaning uses only water, you can rest assured there will not be any lingering food smell after cleaning has been completed.

2. Saves Water

Using a pressure washing unit helps you reduce the consumption of water while cleaning. By investing in pressure washing, you are actually investing in the planet.

When we use the traditional way to clean, we use twice as much water. This is because we use our hands which is an efficient method for cleaning.

3. Frequency

Pressure cleaning is not something that you need every week or month. However, just having it done twice every year will be more than enough to keep your house clean and free from mold. 

Furthermore, pressure cleaning is an effective and efficient way to clean your house. It not only saves your time but also helps you enjoy the look of cleanliness.

4. Takes Care Of Any Mishaps

You might think that pressure cleaning is just a way to keep your home looking pristine. But it does more than that. It can effectively and efficiently clean up oil or paint spills and guarantee the removal of any further damage.

This is important to know that oil spills are extremely dangerous for children and elders in the house. Pressure cleaning ensures all the oily floor and fallen pain is cleared off. 

5. Enhances Outside Value

There are always aspects where your home exterior needs a little work. For example, when we look at the garden, we can see dirt and grime on fencing and walls. Now that is something a normal wash will never be able to clean; only pressure washing can help you clean with proficiency.

Keeping your home clean and shining shows good maintenance habits. It also proves that your home is a good buy. Often cleaning a new home is a difficult task for new buyers. However, if you are already offering a cleaned home, the chances of selling it become higher.


6. Limit Weeds

Weeds will inevitably pop up when the springs arrive. As weeds grow, their roots can further damage the crack by widening it. Annual pressure washing will ensure to remove the weed along with dirt.

Furthermore, a coat of sealant after pressure washing will help the cracks weed-free till the next spring arrives.

7. Eliminates Stains

Your driveway is susceptible to stain as you keep using it every day. Over the course of use, it accumulates oil, mud, dirt. It is quite possible that your car is leaking, and parked service vehicles often drip.

Stains stick to the pavements and need just more than good-hosing. Pressure washing can get rid of any hard and sticky stain effectively.

8. Increases Safety

Driveways are kept a little rough to ensure good braking. But these rough surfaces can accumulate water, resulting in the growth of molds. Build-up mold and oily residue make your driveway slippery.

Pressure washing removes these deposits from the surface and brings your driveway to its original consistency.

9. Enhances Curb Appeal

When a guest comes out of their car, your driveway is the first appeal they get of your home. Of course, you wouldn’t want them to give a bad first impression.

Pressure washing, together with spring landscaping, helps you change the outside landscape of the house. The external curb appeal is specifically important if you are trying to sell your house.

10. Environment Friendly

Using pressure washing is environmentally friendly. Other methods used to clean the driveway use chemical detergent that ends up causing damage to the environment.

In most cases, your driveway can be clean with a single spray without the involvement of any harmful chemicals.


11. Gum Removal

Chewing might be a great mouthy freshener but is really hard to clean and flattened on the pavement. Over time, your sidewalk amasses black stains that come from people spitting gum. Normal methods will not be effective such as sticky substances.

Pressure washing is the only effective method that can get the job done efficiently. Whereas scraping the remnant leaves a stain, pressure washing makes it look like it was never there.

12. Weed & Crack Prevention

The longer you leave your sidewalk in its own device, the more nature will take its course and engulf it. This will result in wildlife growing around and inside the cracks. Weeds will grow, widening the cracks and further damaging your sidewalks. 

However, you can ensure that excess dirt and weeds can be removed easily with pressure cleaning. This will help you keep the cracks from growing any wider and weeds from growing.

13. Extend Surface Lifespan

Having pressure washing your concrete pavement twice a year ensures that its lifespan increases by five to six years. This is because pressure washing can clean out the pavement thoroughly and washes away chemicals that can break down the concrete. 

For example, a harsh chemical salt that is used to melt ice in winter has the potential to corrode concrete, and by the time summer comes, you will find the chemical has already eaten up your pavement.

14. Reduce Liability

By pressure cleaning, you improve safety. This will prevent visitors from getting injured while being on the property. Hence, you will be at least a little less liable for their injuries. 

If an accident occurs on your property, you might be able to prove that you are not liable for the accident. Furthermore, you can prove that you have been diligent with your cleaning services.

15. Clean Spaces

Sidewalks are one of the most used places. They are walked down by thousands of people every single day. So, it is unavoidable that they need cleaning more frequently than the driveways. 

Pressure washing cleans all the dirt and helps maintain an associated clean place for people to enjoy long walks.


Pressure washing is a one-stop solution for any kind of dirt cleaning. So whether you want to clean your house, driveways, or sidewalk, pressure cleaning has all the solutions for you.

If you need any cleaning services, hire a pressure cleaning professional today.