Why Choose Evermorelight Outdoor Christmas Street Lights

Why Choose Evermorelight Outdoor Christmas Street Lights

Before the advent of LED technology, your choices when it came to outdoor lights such as Christmas lighting were quite limited. Whichever set of outdoor lights you chose, it entailed someone climbing a risky ladder and manually hanging up your string lights. Then, thankfully along came LED lighting and everything changed for the better! Fortunately, today you even have a wider range of different outdoor lighting options such as smart LED Christmas street lights.

Why Choose Evermorelight Outdoor Christmas Street Lights

Although incandescent and LED string lights have some similarities, they also have several differences. Often, incandescent lights cost less than LEDs and emit a warm glow. LED Lights on the other hand use less energy, last longer, and burn at lower temperatures. LEDs are rated to last up to 100,000 hours and come in both cool and warm-glow varieties.

Benefits of LED Lights

String lights are now deemed a quintessential Christmas decoration. If you want to decorate your home’s exterior, pavements, or streets, you will need outdoor Christmas lights capable of withstanding the elements. Like all decisions, when buying outdoor Christmas or LED Street lights, you need to do a little research and know their respective benefits.

Among the many benefits associated with a LED street motif light include, but are not limited to the following.

Energy and Cost-Efficient

The biggest benefit is that compared to incandescent, LED lights are more energy-efficient and they use significantly less energy. This allows you to plug in more lights into a single power outlet than you would with standard incandescent bulbs. Moreover, LED Christmas bulbs are not hot to the touch as they remain cool throughout.

Some LED string lights use so much less power that you can safely connect up to 90 sets of LEDs end to end, a perfect solution for outdoor Christmas Street lights and outdoor decorating.

Outdoor Christmas Street Lights continue to gain more popularity as they come in more styles, colors, and innovative technological advancements. These features allow you to customize displays. On the other hand, incandescent Christmas lights are severally limited in their range offerings as they primarily focus on traditional styles and colors without much variation.

Longevity and Warranty

Typically incandescent lights will serve between 1 and 3 seasons. On the other hand, LEDs can last for 5 or more seasons depending on their quality. Because LED string lights are expected to last longer, quality lights typically come with a multi-year warranty. On the other hand, depending on the type and manufacturer, most incandescent lights only carry a 1 seasonal use warranty.

Why Install Outdoor Christmas Street Lights

Whether you want oversized retro-style lights, traditional white string lights, or something entirely different such as color-changing LEDs, Evermorelight has it.

The Evermorelight products are winners because of the following facts:

  • Durable and long-lasting, without frequent bulb breakage
  • Market-proven, high-quality LED light strings
  • Waterproof LEDs
  • Nice street outlook
  • Adaptable for streets, gardens and Christmas decorations.

Since 1998, Evermorelight has been showcasing its quality LED street motif light products in both local and international markets. This is a testimony of the global acclamation their products have received.