Where To Go for a Company Complaint

Company complaint filings register in the millions, and the federal government keeps track of those complaints in a massive database. When the company mistreats you, you want action whether you file mortgage company complaints or collection company complaints.

But where do you go? How do you navigate the process?

Here are a few places where to go for a company complaint.

Contact the Corporate Office When Filing a Company Complaint

Begin with the corporate office by looking for contact information on their website and write a letter or make a phone call. Your letter may go unanswered, or the company may never return your phone call, but they may surprise you. Some companies may try and resolve customer complaints by speaking directly to you about what happened.

Go straight to the top if you can’t find a specific person or department that handles a company complaint. Email the CEO personally and explain you had no other choice but to write to them directly.

You might get a response. A smaller company may resolve the dispute by offering free service or a discount on future services. They may appreciate the feedback to improve their service.

Government Agencies

Contacting government agencies like the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection is a great place to start making a company complaint. They collect data, keep an online database from consumers, and go after those with bad business practices.

The Consumer Financial Protection Agency tracks complaints by state. Credit reporting and mortgage company complaints top the list, along with collection company complaints. The CFPA publishes complaints after filing, but the agency does not verify them.

Contact your state’s office of consumer protection office through the office of the attorney general. They investigate complaints and sometimes prosecute those breaking the law.

If you think your complaint involves discrimination, contact the Department of Justice. They handle cases involving workplaces, housing, and businesses. Much like other agencies, you can file the complaint online or in a written letter.

Better Business Bureau

Filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau is as easy as writing a letter and sending it via mail or writing an email. You must include your name, address along with the name and address of the business. Be specific about the complaint.

Accredited businesses with the BBB want to keep their good rating, so they will likely respond quickly. Businesses respond to the BBB, and then the BBB will contact you. Responses typically occur in about 30 days.

There is no fee to file a BBB complaint; however, complaints can’t be anonymous.

Options for Filing a Company Complaint

When you have a company complaint, you have many options. Writing directly to the company, contacting government agencies, and going to the Better Business Bureau are all places to contact.

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