Top 7 Must-Try Mexican Foods

Top 7 Must-Try Mexican Foods
Top 7 Must-Try Mexican Foods

Mexican foods are known to be one of the most delicious worldwide. It’s rich and flavorful because it’s usually cooked with local herbs and spices. Mexican cuisine has no space for bland-tasting food. It always has a strong savory taste which always satisfies your cravings.   

Mexicans take pride in their food because it represents their culture. Thus, they make sure to put their best when preparing their food. Their dishes mainly use locally available ingredients. They are also a country that values farming and planting. So, they put in the freshest ingredients available from their backyard.   

Mexican cuisine also has a very versatile taste. Its popularity in taste always captivates people wherever it goes. You can find them almost anywhere in the world because people patronize them wherever they are. Not to mention, it suits the tastes buds of people of all ages and cultures.  

Here are the top seven must-try Mexican Foods:  

  1. Pozole  

Pozole is a traditional Mexican dish made from hominy, pork, and tripes. Hominy is dried corn boiled in lime.   

It’s a well-known broth with spicy flavors. They mix the treated corn with pulled or sliced pork. Some people also like to add pork rands and tripes into the dish. Finally, it’s garnished with cilantro, beets, onions, and garlic.   

Pozole has several variations in Mexico, but its essence remains the same. There are also many variations of this dish around the world. But it still turns out to be the same savory and delicious soup you must try.   

  1. Mexican Rice  

Mexicans love their carbs. They are known to eat rice or corn in every meal. Thus, Mexican rice is a staple in every meal.   

Its rice is cooked in tomato and basil broth with herbs and spices. Mexican rice is usually served together with the main meat dishes.   

It’s healthy and made from fresh ingredients. Mexican rice calories vary depending on the serving and ingredients. But it’s a hearty meal that anyone can enjoy eating.  

  1. Birria  

Birria is one of the most popular stews. It’s a staple stew dish made from beef or lamb. Its meat is marinated in Cumi, thyme, oregano, marjoram, and cloves.   

This dish is cooked for about two to three hours in slow heat. It’s considered one of the main dishes served during special occasions.   

  1. Ceviche  

Ceviche is a very healthy delicacy. It’s a popular Latin American dish made from seafood marinated in fruit juices. This dish is served as a snack or appetizer.  

Mexicans like their ceviche made from raw shrimp and marinated in lemon or lime. It is also garnished with fresh herbs such as cilantro, and it’s also commonly served cold. This dish is popular in coastal areas of the country.   

It has been a popular dish in Mexican restaurants worldwide because of its clean taste. Mexican cuisine is also mostly meat, so this dish is a go-to dish for health enthusiasts and vegetarians.   

  1. Tacos  

Tacos are probably the most popular Mexican dish. It’s made with corn or tortilla wrap with fillings. The fillings are usually made from ground or pulled beef. It’s also topped with cilantro, avocado or guaca dressing, cheese, onions, and garlic.   

There are many variations of tacos around the world. Its rich flavors suit the tastes of everyone. Some restaurants even let you choose your toppings. So, it suits your taste.

  1. Quesadilla  

Quesadilla is a Mexican dish sandwiched in a tortilla wrap. The filling inside is filled with meat, cheese, and sausages.   

It’s also one of the most common Mexican dishes. It’s easy to prepare and can be served as a snack or appetizer. Almost all Mexican restaurants serve Quesadilla on their menu. Thus, you can try it whenever you visit one.  

  1. Carne Asada  

Carne Asada is dubbed as Mexican steak. It’s a flame-grilled beef that is slowly cooked to perfection. It’s also usually flavored with local herbs and spices.   

Carne Asada is also used in dishes like tacos, burritos, and quesadilla. It can also be paired with rice. It’s a popular dish that can be served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  

Mexican Food  

Mexican food is famous around the world. Different cultures and people will surely enjoy their dishes because they’re tasty.  

It has many ingredients, and it can take time to prepare, but it will always be worth it. Its savory taste is also because of the fresh ingredients used to cook the dishes.   

It’s available almost everywhere because it suits the tastes of everyone. So, don’t hesitate to try one now.