The Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

Not enough can be said about the benefits of drinking water. After all, the human body comprises up to 60 percent water. Some might say that we’re the walking, talking equivalent of cucumbers–just with a few more emotions!

The human brain, heart, lungs, skin, and bones comprise significant percentages of water. So, getting your eight glasses a day could not be more helpful to keep these crucial body parts in top operating order. But, believe it or not, not all types of water are equal.

With this in mind, should you be drinking tap water over pure water? Here’s what you should know.

Pure Water vs. Other Water Types

Choosing to drink water (whatever type it is) over soda is always the better choice. This is because water contains absolutely zero calories or sugars. This makes it the best thing you can ingest to not only quench your thirst but keep your body functioning at an optimum.

But when it comes to choosing which type of water to drink, is there really any difference? Some common water types include:

  • Plain old tap water
  • Distilled water, also called pure water
  • Well water
  • Springwater

All these water types have their own properties and benefits for the body. Sure, the molecular structure of water always remains the same: one part oxygen to two parts hydrogen.

But what the water contains can have a different effect on your body, too, especially when it comes to certain chemicals, inorganic compounds, heavy metals, volatile gases, bacteria, and viruses.

Why Choose Distilled or Pure Water?

Distilled water is the cleanest, purest type of water you can drink today. Other water types include several impurities such as contaminants, bacteria, minerals, and heavy metals–as mentioned above.

But what makes distilled water so clean? Distilled water machines remove all impurities from water through a stringent boiling and evaporation process. This includes minerals, metals, inorganic compounds, and bacteria. As a result, distilled water has a particular taste and mouthfeel–some people call it ”flat”.

At its core, distilled water is not much different from other types of water. Except for the fact that it does not contain ”impurities”. However, this doesn’t make every other type of drinking water unhealthy or dangerous.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking pure water:

  • Pure water cleanses the body from the inside out because it contains no impurities, additives, and heavy metals
  • As a result, this can reduce your risk of exposure to disease and waterborne pathogens. Some of these include single-celled protozoa, bacteria, and viruses
  • You can also avoid consuming chemicals that might be harmful to the body

While drinking distilled water has its benefits, there is limited research on how beneficial it is to drinking other forms of water.

Improve Your General Health Knowledge

When drinking pure water, you want to consider your taste preferences and the amount and quality of minerals in your diet. Some other forms of water actually provide certain minerals that the body needs. Then there’s also the cost point.

If you’re going to buy pre-distilled water, this can certainly add up over time.

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