The Importance Of Choosing A Skilled Hair Colour Specialist

The Importance Of Choosing A Skilled Hair Colour Specialist

Whether you want to cover grays, go blonder for summer or try a vibrant new hair hue, choosing the right colourist is key. While hitting the drugstore box dye seems convenient and budget-friendly, the results often leave hair damaged and colour expectations unmet. Investing in customized colour formulations by a highly trained hair colour specialist like BeckyB delivers longer-lasting, dimensional results and healthier hair. Here’s why you should schedule your next hair colour service with a top pro.

Customized colour and Formula

A skilled colourist will conduct a thorough consultation, assessing your skin tone, eye colour, hair’s current state, lifestyle, and colour expectations. Unlike one-size-fits all box dyes, professional hair colour specialists create customized formulations tailored to complement your complexion and features while achieving the shades you want. Whether going warmer, deeper or brighter, they hand mix formulas to precision, using professional brands with ingredients that adhere gently and last longer.

Advanced Techniques and Trends Knowledge

Hair colour is an art and science combined. Specialists study the latest advanced colouring methods through continued education. They know how to create the most flattering highlights, balayage, ombre, root smudge and colour melting techniques. These specialties combine multiple complementary hues for the most modern, dimensional and natural-looking colour results. Specialists stay atop seasonal trends as well, using their expertise to guide you through what’s hot in the hair colour world.

Healthier Processing and Conditions

Box dyes often contain harsh chemicals like ammonia and metals that damage hair’s cuticle layer during processing. In contrast, salon specialists use gentler formulas with conditioning properties better suited for each hair type. They also freshly mix custom formulations versus box dyes that have sat for months. Their processing methods are superior too. They apply dye quickly and evenly then use heat lamps to deeply penetrate colour molecules under ideal temperatures in the safest way possible. This achieves vibrant results while keeping hair strong.

Longer Lasting colour

Drugstore dyes fade quickly because poor quality pigments just coat hair’s surface. They wash away faster. But salon brands with concentrated pigments and sealed cuticles allow deeper penetration for longer lasting colour. Specialists also incorporate highlights and lowlights to provide greater dimension so when fading does occur over time, it is less noticeable. With box dyes, one uniform colour rapidly shows fading roots but custom colour makes regrowth less obvious.

Retouch Service Expertise

Clients need regular touch ups to keep colour looking its best between full appointments. Box dye retouches often go wrong with mismatched colours. Specialists professionally assess how your colour has shifted, worn off and grown out. Their expertise recalibrates your custom formula to achieve uniform, seamless colour again. They know exactly where to apply retouches for optimal blend and grey coverage. Retaining colour vibrancy relies heavily on their retouch skill level.

Scalp and Hair Health

Many box dye ingredients provoke allergic reactions or dry out hair severely. But salon specialists use gentler formulas while checking for chemical sensitivities beforehand. They conduct strand tests to identify optimal processing times for limiting damage too. From scalp soothing treatments to damage repairing hair masks, specialists have the products and protocols to mitigate chemical effects. They tailor post-colour recommendations for shampoos, conditioners and styling products to lock in colour and keep hair healthy between appointments too.


Finding the right hair colour specialist requires researching stylists’ before and after photos, client reviews, advanced training and experience. But the payoff is gorgeous, head-turning, low-maintenance hair colour and healthier hair. No box dye risk-taking necessary. Investing in customized colour by a pro delivers the accuracy, dimension and longevity worthy of your precious locks.