The tradition of swaddling babies by their mothers is an age-old tradition that has been a part of the upbringing of many children over the years. It is one’s feeling that lets babies calm down in their mother’s arms or their cots and get a good mid-day nap or a good night’s rest. Therefore, a baby swaddle wrap has equal importance as the feeding bottle has in the infancy stage of a baby. Even when these babies grow up to the toddler stage, most of them carry this blanket around as it reminds them of the comfort they once had.

The art of swaddling, once mastered, can be very beneficial for mothers and the child, as it put the baby to sleep almost instantaneously whereas the mother can get some free time for themselves, to do what they wanted to do as their self-care free time routine. This article will discuss the various benefits of swaddling a baby and how to find the perfect blanket/wrap that will not only last long but will also be very comfortable for the child.

How swaddling a baby can give a rewarding experience:

  • Using a comfortable baby swaddle wrap will certainly help calm a baby that is usually hyper or a baby that has just been fed. It brings all its limbs together and allows it to be in a position of comfort and peace.
  • Babies are often looking for the comfort of a mother when they are not around, especially during times when working moms must catch up on some unfinished office work, or must make a meal, or even take a shower. This period of distance can make babies restless and uncomfortable. A good baby swaddle wrap allows mothers to swaddle their babies in a comfortable position, and when they are put to sleep, they learn to calm themselves down and go to sleep. It is a great way to train babies to self-comfort due to the snug position in the wrap.
  • New-born babies have very long nails, and paediatricians usually advise on not cutting them so early in their life as they are very small and sensitive. Due to this, babies often end up scratching their faces and scarring them red without their knowledge as they have no recollection of what they do. Swaddling a baby will certainly prevent them from touching their faces, let alone scratch themselves and hurt their faces.

How to find the perfect baby swaddle wrap:

  • The first thing to consider is the baby’s size, if the baby is tiny, then a medium-sized swaddle cloth is sufficient, whereas if the newborn is slightly taller, a larger cloth size will be recommended. This is only to accommodate the growth of the baby, as babies grow almost every night in their sleep.
  • The next factor to consider is the weather or the temperature of the environment in the room if it is too cold or too hot. The weather plays a key role as parents have to choose the thickness of the swaddle wrap. For example, if it is the summertime, a thin fabric swaddle is preferred, whereas if it is the spring or winter season, the chilly weather would need to be accompanied by a thick fabric wrap. These wraps are available in some great online stores like the Pop Ya Tot store and many more.

Apart from the thickness of the fabric, the quality and softness of the swaddle blanket or wrap are very important as the skin of a baby is extremely sensitive. Try to look for soft blankets and wraps to swaddle the child, as they will feel the comfort too, with the quality of the fabric being superior.