How To Choose The Right Bed For Your Kid

How To Choose The Right Bed For Your Kid

When your child moves out of their crib and into their first bed, it can be an emotional time for parents simply because your baby is growing up!

This will often also be accompanied by them moving into their first bedroom, which will require them to have a new bed. Many people presume that choosing a bed for a young child is easy, but, in reality, it isn’t, as they also have comfort requirements and safety needs that are often overlooked.

So, what are some tips to help you choose the right kind of bed for your child when they get their first bedroom? Here are some for you to follow.

Age Appropriate

It is a funny image to think of a small child in an overly huge, luxurious bed, but this will not likely be suited for their age and developmental stage. A toddler, for example, is likely to fit a low-profile bed or even a toddler bed with built-in guardrails to prevent them from rolling out at night. A slightly older child will more likely be suited to a small single bed, so make sure that the bed you choose is appropriate for your child’s age. Should you need some help assessing this, head to for guidance on choosing the perfect bed.


As mentioned before, many toddlers are prone to wriggling around at night and could often benefit from guard rails on the side of the bed facing away from the wall. So, this is an option to explore if your child is very young. As well as this, you should look for a bed that has rounded edges, which will prevent lumps and bumps, and the bed should also be made from appropriate materials, as should the mattress and bedding. 


A wriggly toddler will need a bed that can adapt to them, well, wriggling through the night, and not poking them with sharp or protruding springs. So, be sure to research the best child-friendly mattress that can provide the right level of support. Many parents opt for medium-firm mattresses, which can help with spinal adjustments and support their joints as they grow.


There is a reason why a lot of kid’s beds are shaped like cars, carriages, or even castles; it is fun!

To help make the bed seem fun (and to ease the transition), try to find a bed with a theme that aligns with a superhero your child loves or even plays into a dream of theirs, like being a princess. If you cannot afford this option, then why not get a simple bed frame and redecorate it together? A lick of paint and some stickers can transform even the most boring bed into something your kid wants to sleep in. Make sure you involve your child if you choose a themed bed, as the last thing you want to do is buy a bed they aren’t interested in. If you are going to make the bedframe, make sure it is high quality and avoid unintentionally painting creepy clowns on it, as no child is going to want to sleep in that kind of bed!