Five Emerging Public Health Career Paths

Five Emerging Public Health Career Paths

Five Emerging Public Health Career Paths

As society grows to new heights every day, the diversity within said society grows as well. Diversity in all community avenues is more than ever before with the freedom of thought and education freedom. Everything has changed in the 21st century. With the freedom to educate yourself according to your interests and desires comes the vast range of career options you can choose from.
Career choices are now broader than ever. From the mundane select few career options, we have grown to see hundreds of industries flourish and create openings for millions of people. There is much choice that it’s now somewhat difficult to narrow down a path for yourself.

If you are looking to start your career and search for an area with potential growth and stability, why not consider public health? The career one is looking for people, but there is a certain degree of career growth that you can expect in the field. Not to mention, you are focusing your talents in the community’s best interest and society at large.
If you are actively thinking about entering the public health sector, here are five emerging career paths that you can consider for your future.

1. Community Health Workers

Society as we know It is more significant than we can ever imagine. There are so many people living diverse lives that our minds might not fathom the sheer number of people at risk of various societal dysfunctions. Millions of people in their respective communities are silently battling issues, ranging from access to clean water to social problems such as juvenile delinquencies and drug abuse. The public appoints community help workers to go into these communities and gather data about these people’s issues. Once they know enough about the problem, they assign community health workers to educate the community on the problems and help eradicate whatever issues they face.

If you are considering a career as a public health official, this would be the perfect time to join an academic program. Online education has made education more accessible than ever before. Consider pursuing a masters in public health online and enter the public health sector and help make changes in your community.

2. Occupational Health and Safety

Modern industrial society is known to provide hostile and uncomfortable working environments for its employees. The free market and capitalistic society as we know it creates a range of unsafe and unhealthy work environments for their employees. Business owners often do not care about health and safety standards as long as they gain maximum business activity profits. The production process does not see any hiccups.
A major upcoming career in public health is that of occupational health and safety experts. They survey the office space and ensure that the conditions are safe and secure for employees to work for prolonged periods. If the conditions aren’t suitable, reports go back to either the local government or the union. They take corrective action against the business owner or concerned stakeholder.

3. Environmental Health

As we know, global warming and climate change are major issues worldwide. The climate is changing at a rate where if we don’t act soon, we might not stand a chance at surviving on this planet much longer. It sounds dramatic, but unfortunately, it is true. People may not understand the sheer damage to the ozone layer and the climate.
An environmental health worker looks at efforts that the average person can conserve the environment. These individuals work tirelessly to ensure that we have a future on this planet and go to any lengths to educate the population to change their ways and think about their action outcome.

4. Statisticians

To quote the facts and figures that we do in everyday conversation, we need to research and gather said data. Statistics are vital as they give us a reasonable indication of some of our countries’ common trends. Statistics related to death, birth, and population are essential information that the public health sector provides.
Career options for a public statistician may not sound like the most fun career choices. But they are some of the most critical and emerging career choices in the public health sector. Without the information which they gather, life as we know it would be challenging, and access to information would be considerably more limited than it currently is.

5. Epidemiology

With 2020 being one of the worst years in recent memory, chances are you would have heard about the critical role which an epidemiologist plays in the public health sector. The Centre of Disease Control and other related branches of the public health sectors played an imperative role in the promotion of information and preventive measures related to COVID-19,
It is why epidemiology is one of the most crucial career options in the public health sector. Without these individuals’ the pandemic might have been much worse than it currently is. Perhaps millions more would have died due to the lack of information and awareness.

Post-COVID, we have seen the sheer importance of the roles which these individuals play. If you are looking to make your way into the public health sector and have a history with biology, consider pursuing a career as an epidemiologist.


Pubic health careers are some of the best lines of work to get into. Not only are they some of the best career options with the chance for immense growth, but in the grander scheme of things, you might earn a personal satisfaction of having helped the general population either directly or indirectly, depending on your career choice.
It is essential to acknowledge the roles which these dedicated professionals play. Without their efforts and dedication, society as we know it would be considerably different from what it is now.