Curb Appeal Tips: How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

According to Investopedia, curb appeal is a term used to describe the general attractiveness of a house or other piece of property from the sidewalk to a prospective buyer. And, whether you’re hoping to sell soon or sit on your property for a while, this is an essential factor in delivering the wow factor that people look for.

So, how does your real estate measure up?

If you’ve been neglecting your home’s exterior, you might be striking the wrong note. And, believe it or not, that could be enough to keep your property sitting on the market – even if the real estate around you is selling quickly!

Keep reading for a handful of hot curb appeal tips, guaranteed to help you make a powerful and positive first impression.

Add an Inviting Entryway

An attractive property should have an inviting entryway. Otherwise, your home’s exterior might seem boring or flat. Or, worse yet, it might seem daunting, unfriendly, or even creepy.

Adding flower boxes, architectural details like pillars, columns, or statues, or even a new front door can draw the eye in, helping prospective buyers gain interest.

Just remember, you’ll want to keep these additions neutral. Something that’s too specifically “your taste” could turn off homebuyers who don’t share your same inspiration.

Touch Up Your Exterior Paint

Whether you’re battling mildew, or dealing with normal wear and tear like peeling and flaking, tired and worn out paint on your home’s exterior can send the wrong message. No matter what’s inside, this poor first impression might make the house seem run-down, dumpy, or poorly maintained.

This can also be true of unattractive or outdated colors – avocado green, anybody? Give your property a modern pop with a fresh coat in an updated palette. You’ll be happy you did!

Give Your Landscaping a Little Love

Landscape appeal is one of the most underrated and important first impressions on our list. A healthy yard sets a lively and upbeat tone and can make your property seem larger and more luxurious.

But, before you run out to the home improvement store, consider this: Yard maintenance is hard work. And, one false move could leave you with a run-down exterior full of dead plants.

Instead, entrust your landscaping to Pat Calabrese & Son. They’ll help boost your home’s curb appeal and leave you with an easy to upkeep area that will look its best for seasons to come!

Shed a Little Light on Things

When it comes to property value, small details can be surprisingly important!

Don’t underestimate the potentially damaging effects of a dimly lit or uninviting exterior. This can give buyers a poor first impression, allowing your home to look tired, poorly maintained, or even unsafe! Proper lighting is especially important for female homebuyers and families.

When it comes to lighting, there’s more to the issue than just a positive light cast on your property. A well lit home actually is safer! So even if you aren’t planning to sell, you should give this project priority.

Put These Curb Appeal Tips to Good Use

Armed with these awesome curb appeal tips, you’re ready to make a positive difference to your property. And, potentially not a moment too soon. 2021 saw record-breaking home prices all around the country – and 2022 could be another outstanding year for prospective sellers.

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