Common causes of dryer malfunctions

Common causes of dryer malfunctions

The clothes dryer is efficient and convenient. It dries large amounts of clothes in a few hours of operation. But did you know that the dryer must be cared for properly so that you don’t need dryer appliance repair? It is essential to follow all the rules that are specified in the instructions. 

If the appliance does fail, you will need the qualified help of a technician. A specialist will come to your Charlotte home and inspect the damage. Calling a technician guarantees a quality diagnosis and an estimate of the cost of the breakdown. 

When the dryer doesn’t work

There are many reasons why your dryer stops working. However, some of these problems keep recurring. In many cases, Dryer Repair is required. Let’s look at the most common machine breakdowns below. 

  • After each drying, the lint filters should be cleaned so air can pass through unobstructed. Lint filters should also be checked for damage and cracks each time they are cleaned. Cracks or holes in the mesh significantly increase contamination in the ductwork. They also settle in the sump and then tend to clog the condensate pump. This causes further malfunctions. 
  • Moisture is deposited in the condenser, and the air can again absorb moisture from the laundry. However, despite the presence of the lint filter, finer particles still reach the condenser and can sometimes clog the delicate fins there, which worsens the drying performance. An incorrectly installed condenser also impairs the drying performance and may even paralyze the dryer.
  • The motor transmits torque to the drum using a belt to turn and air the laundry. If the belt becomes loose, slips out of its guide, or even breaks, the drum will no longer be able to rotate. And, of course, the dryer motor must be running.

A qualified technician with a dryer maintenance service can assess the type of malfunction. The technician will quickly determine and replace which part of the appliance is affected. 

Buying a dryer or repairing it?

Depending on the age of the device and the cause of the malfunction, it may be possible to exchange it under warranty, repair it, or buy a new one. If your device is out of contract, you will need a qualified service center. Only call specialists who use original parts for repairs. This approach guarantees several more years of excellent performance. 

It is easy to determine whether to buy a new dryer or repair an old one. A specialist will help you understand the severe breakdown and whether it is worth repairing. If the part is too expensive, you should refuse to buy it. It is better to buy a new dryer. In any case, contacting a specialist will allow you to decide whether you should keep the old dryer or buy a new one.