7 Pro Tips for Beautiful Backyard Landscaping

It’s no surprise that landscaping is big business. Homeowners want their homes to look great. That doesn’t stop with their home’s interior.

That’s why the landscaping business keeps growing. It continues to reach almost a $100 billion market value every year.

Backyard landscaping might seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but there are a few things anyone can do to help make their backyard look great. Below are seven tips that will help make landscaping your backyard a breeze.

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1. Work With Evergreen Plants

There’s a lot you can do with a backyard during the summer months. Warm weather brings beautiful flowers that can help any space look fantastic. The question is, what will your backyard look like during winter when all the summer flowers go down?

You can use evergreen plants in your backyard to ensure you have landscaping that survives during the winter months. Unlike seasonal plants, you won’t have to replant your evergreen plants every year. Evergreen plants last year-round and can help you maintain your home’s image when other plants die.

On top of that, you’ll save yard work at the beginning of the year. You’ll need to replant seasonal plants if you want your home to use them again during the summer. With evergreen plants, you only need to plant them once.

If you want the added colors that seasonal plants bring, you can also invest in perennials. While a perennial will die during the winter months, you won’t need to replant them again. These plants will bloom again as long as you take care of them.

2. Utilize Vertical Space

A landscape gets boring when everything is the same height. Even if you have great-looking plants that appear nice on their own, they can get boring when they’re just lined up in a row with other plants.

Adding vertical space to your landscape adds interest. It gives people something to look at, no matter where you’re looking with your eyes.

You can also use vertical space by using your home and other gardening devices. Adding plant life to your home helps bring more interest to plants and adds uniqueness to your house.

3. Create Focal Points

A focal point is any piece of your backyard landscape that you want the spotlight to be on. You can make your focal point something big or small, but it should jump out at you when you look at it. A focal point can be a small statue, a large flower bed, or anything else that makes an impact in your backyard.

You should center the rest of your landscaping around this point. Doing this will allow the focal point to stand out more and create cohesion in your yard.

Of course, you don’t only have to stick with one focal point. Many backyards use multiple focal points that rotate them throughout the year. Make sure you design each one carefully to ensure they all work together.

4. Create Curved Paths

Have you ever seen a house with a straight path to the front door? It’s boring because it doesn’t offer any interest at all. By creating curves in your landscape, you’ll make your yard look more attractive.

Ideally, your paths should lead you to the focal points of your landscape. You should design them to connect each of your points of interest. Whether it’s between two focal points or your home, a curved path makes things more interesting.

Of course, you don’t only have to include a walkway on your curved paths, either. You can add some landscaping around your paths to make them stand out even more.

5. Add a Water Feature

A backyard won’t look like it’s complete without some sort of water feature. You can add birdbaths, fountains, or anything else that adds a little bit of water. Plants can even be used to add an attractive water feature to your yard.

If you want to make your water feature more interesting, use different levels to set it apart from the rest of your yard. For example, you can have a small pond near the ground with a water fountain rising around it. Doing this allows you to create something unique that makes your backyard look incredible.

6. Include a Sitting Area

No matter how much landscaping you do, you’ll need somewhere to sit and enjoy it. You might be tempted to add a fire pit to your backyard, but it won’t help your yard look better. Instead, gravitate towards areas that allow you to sit and enjoy your yard the right way.

Once you know where you want to add your sitting area, you need to make sure you choose the right furniture. You don’t want anything that creates a lot of noise and distracts people from the beauty of your yard. Instead, you should go for simple furniture pieces.

From there, you can focus on adding landscaping around this area to make it a pleasure to relax in.

7. Get Your Maintenance Schedule Right

Having a fantastic backyard landscape doesn’t come without cost. If you want your backyard to continue looking great year-round, you’re going to need to keep things up.

Some of your landscaping will have different needs. From watering schedules to trimming times, you’ll need to know how to care for every one of your plants properly.

Of course, you may not have enough time to take care of your backyard correctly. The more complex your landscaping is, the more time it will take to make things look right. If this is the case, it pays to invest in professional landscape gardeners to ensure your backyard keeps its appearance.

It’s Worth Learning How to Make the Most of Backyard Landscaping

Landscaping your backyard is more than throwing a few plants in random locations. It’s about creating a space that looks great and is a pleasure to relax in. Use the tips above for backyard landscaping to help your home look great.

Of course, there are more things you can do to help your yard and home shine. Check out the blog to learn more home improvement tips to help you create the home of your dreams.