6 Home Plumbing Problems That May Require Professional Help

Did you know small leaks can lead to 10,000 gallons of wasted water every year? Make sure to complete plumbing maintenance often. If you want to learn about plumbing issues homeowners face, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over some standard plumbing problems and when to call a plumber.

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1. Bathtub Clog

Bathtub clogs need to get dealt with right away. A clogged bathtub can worsen if you leave it alone.

A plumber will come in and get rid of the obstruction. The plumber will also make sure there isn’t a significant problem causing the clog.

2. Water Won’t Flow

If you have inconsistent water pressure in your home, you’ll end up with a problem. You might fix the problem by cleaning the mineral buildup from the faucet fixture.

Yet, widespread issues with water flow could reveal there’s a problem with the supply line.

A plumber will know how to fix and diagnose the problem and return the water pressure to normal.

3. Frozen Pipes

People in colder climates sometimes will have to deal with this plumbing problem. Make sure you call a plumber as soon as possible if you have frozen pipes.

A professional can deal with the frozen pipes and hopefully prevent bursts or cracks. A burst pipe can cause water damage and leave you with a massive mess.

4. Clogged Toilet

You should also prioritize a clogged toilet. If the plunger isn’t clearing the clog, you should look at contacting a plumber. The plunger might not be dealing with an issue in the sewage line.

Don’t scratch the porcelain or damage the toilet. Instead, call a plumbing expert to deal with the clog. This way, you can get your toilet working again.

5. Your Sink Doesn’t Drain Fast

If the water tends to fill up in your kitchen sink while washing dishes and doesn’t drain, you might have a problem. Food waste, tiny toys, or rodents could get stuck in the pipes.

A plumber will use a tool called an auger. The auger will dislodge clogs since it’s a flexible and extended tool. The auger’s also called a drain snake and is more effective than a regular plunger.

Don’t spend time chipping away at the clog. Instead, call a professional to come and clear out the clog.

6. Flooding Basement

Some people end up with a basement that’s always flooding. If your basement begins to flood, make sure you call in a professional plumber.

Learn what to do from WaterWork Plumbing if your basement floods after a rainfall.

Deal With Plumbing Problems Right Away

We hope this guide on common plumbing problems was helpful.

If you notice your sink’s clogged or your toilet doesn’t drain, call in a plumber. The plumber can handle the problem and prevent it from worsening.

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