5 Types of Physical Activity to Get You Moving

Lack of physical activity can take a terrible toll on the human body. In fact, when people age and start to lose the ability to do things independently, it’s often due to a lack of physical activity rather than aging.

Not only that but many mental health issues are also related to not get enough exercise. It’s important that you get into a routine of doing various kinds of exercise if you want to stay healthy and lead a good life.

So what kind of activity can help you to stay fit and strong? This article list 5 potential types of activity to get your body moving.

1. Running

Running is a sure way to get your blood flowing, and it has the advantage of being incredibly accessible. Unlike other activities that require expensive equipment, all you really need to go running is the right kind of footwear.

Of course, simply running around your neighborhood might get boring after a while. Thankfully various mobile apps can make running so much more exciting. For example, geocaching games like Pokemon Go can turn a run into an adventure.

2. Swimming

Swimming is a great way to get moving if you have aches and pains as the water supports your body, making it much easier to get exercise. For example, swimming can be a very effective form of exercise if you have conditions like arthritis.

The downside is that you need to have suitable facilities nearby for this to be a viable option.

3. Dancing

The best forms of exercise are the ones that don’t even feel like exercise. Dancing is a great form of active physical therapy. Going to a club and dancing all night might feel like a lot of fun, but you’re actually burning off a lot of calories.

As long as you don’t get too intoxicated, visiting a dance club can actually be good for you.

4. Play a Sport

Playing a team sport such as soccer gives you more than just the benefits of physical activity. Not only do you get to improve your physical health through exercise, but you also improve your mental wellbeing through the social interactions you have with your teammates.

5. Bike to Work

Incorporating an exercise routine into your everyday life is ideal because you don’t need to be as motivated to build habits and keep up your activities. Sometimes, biking to work rather than driving or taking public transport can give you frequent exercise, without taking up much more time out of your day. Biking to work is easy with the proper equipment, such as a handlebar bag. It securely attaches to the bike to carry your important things, and then converts to a fashionable cross body bag. Keeping up good habits all year will help you stick to your health goals and is eco friendly.

Of course, the logistics of this don’t always work out, don’t try biking on the freeway!

Physical Activity Will Boost Your Health

Even implementing just moderate physical activity into your routine can dramatically impact your health and overall well-being. Try some of these exercises, and you’ll be amazed at how great you’ll feel within a few weeks.

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