What are Chat Support Services?

Chat Support Service

A chat support service is a form of messaging where an agent and a customer must be present at the same time to have a conversation on the company’s website. It often appears on a company’s website in a pop-up dialogue box to allow synchronized messaging via short written messages.

Additionally, chat support services are essential for businesses in today’s time and age. It helps enterprises to receive best customer feedback since it is quicker than email and voice support. It is useful to enable sales conversations and includes support-focused features that are knowledge-based from a company’s agent and through shared inbox tools. There are some types of chat support services, including outsource inbound call centre services.

Benefits of Chat Support Services

Customers love chat support services, and therefore you should have them in your company.

Let us consider some of the benefits of a chat support service.

Highly accessible

Your customers don’t have to waste their time in finding the right person to contact if they have any queries. It is easy, and customers know where to go if they want to ask anything.

Provides timely responses

A customer who gets a response to his email in an hour will be happy, but a customer who gets a response immediately will be even more satisfied and happy with your company. They will get a quick response and get on with their work without wasting any time.

Provide ease to the customer

Some customers are happy to mail regarding a query rather than calling the company. So this will provide the customer with an easy and effective way to express themselves.

Easy and fast solution

A good chat support service provides the company’s agent with the necessary information to solve customer queries. Both the customer and the agent will be on the same page, making it easier to solve in a short period.

What to consider before offering live chat support services

Before you get started with live chat support services, make sure to look into the questions given below to make this decision smooth.

Look at the questions below to help you decide whether you should go for chat support services.

  • Where is live chat support valuable?
  • Who will you offer a live chat support service to?
  • How will you manage your support channels?
  • What training and resources will you need?

Inbound Call Centre

If you want to outsource inbound call centre services, then make sure to keep reading! We have made a list of why you should go for it!

What is it?

An inbound call centre is responsible for any incoming call. If a customer calls, the call centre picks up the phone and looks into the matter. Some examples include a hotline or a help desk where a customer can submit complaints, order products, and report faults. It is a classic example of customer service.

Why is it useful?

Customers’ demands are ever-increasing. Customers want immediate solutions; however, for some companies, it is not possible. An outsource inbound call centre service will help you with it while focusing on your core business. You can also combine the below options, and it is suitable for international companies who operate in different timezones.

Some options for inbound call centre services are:

  • Shared team: This is useful for projects with small volumes. You share customer service with other companies.
  • Dedicated team: This is useful for extensive and well-planned call volumes. This team only works for your team, and you have to pay for standby times.

How to implement it?

This takes place with close consultation with customers. The customer and the provider select the provider jointly. The pricing will also play an essential role; usually, a per-hour rate, per minute or per transaction is most common. A flat monthly rate is also possible.


If you plan to use chat support services, remember there are lots of benefits attached to it. Make sure to choose the right company when you plan to outsource inbound call centre service to help your company grow! With the fast-changing technology, customers now want a quick response from their company’s agents regarding any queries. If you provide timely responses, you will see an increase in your sales by satisfying your customers.