Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Best Apps Every Student Should Use

The life of any student is an endless whirlpool of events. You will have to write dozens of papers every week, debate with professors, search for information and stay on your toes to cope with academic challenges. Are you ready to take on such missions? Your path can be completed faster, especially if you use applications. Software products will help you speed up the educational process and find important information in a few clicks. Here are some good apps worth your attention.


Why is the mail client at the very top of the list? The fact is that most professors will send you paper requirements using Gmail. This app is available for smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop users. Thanks to cloud synchronization, you will not miss important letters and will be able to start paper crafting in time. Another plus is that it’s a free app, so you don’t have to pay to be able to exchange emails with anyone.

My Class Schedule

Remember to keep an eye on your class schedule because your academic performance depends on your self-organization. You may need a student planner to know your schedule thoroughly. With My Class Schedule, you will always know when to go to college or university. In addition, such planners are suitable for important notes and reminders. In addition, you can find out whether you have time to cope with your papers before the seminar or not. In any case, you can ask someone to help you. Find a good writing service, and you won’t be afraid of your classes anymore. But first, you should use Google to find more information. Use a search query like, “Is 99papers legit?” You will probably find out the answer quickly.


You probably don’t like to write a bibliography for your research papers. However, now you do not need to waste time on compliance with your professor’s format, key norms, and requirements. EasyBib will help you simplify the process of writing a bibliography. Plus, you can generate an academic reference with just a few clicks. As you can see, now, all you need is a smartphone to handle even the tricky bibliography. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and a detailed FAQ, you won’t have to figure out the functionality of the new application for a long time.


Zoom is one of the most important apps for today’s students. The fact is that the coronavirus has greatly changed the educational process in many colleges and universities. Now remote learning is an important aspect for millions of students worldwide. Professors often give online lectures and seminars, so you need to download Zoom to stay in touch. Such an application will allow you to hear and see the professor and ask questions if you need to clarify any educational aspects.

Google Disk

Most young people prefer to store their files, paper requirements, and assignments in the cloud, and Google Disk is the best solution for this. The fact is that USB flash drives have become less relevant due to the popularization of the Internet. Plus, you don’t need any external devices to access your files. Download Google Disk to your smartphone or PC to access your data in one click. Now you can write your papers faster in the library or your dorm room. Besides, you can create new files and directories in this application, which is especially useful for storing hundreds of files. In addition, Google Disk has a preview mode, so you can always quickly find out what is in your files.


Surely you need to create dozens of notes every day. Imagine that you have found important data or want to save your ideas before you can get home. With Evernote, you don’t have to search for paper and pen. Now you can create a catalog of your notes and quickly search for important data. Forget about the times when you lost your stickers or paper pages. Now all key information will be securely stored in your smartphone.

Microsoft Word

Most students use Word as their primary desktop text editor. The fact is that this application allows you to create papers, adjust indents, and format paragraphs conveniently. In addition, cloud integration with Microsoft services gives users flexibility and access to the database at any time. That is why Microsoft Word for smartphones and tablets has also become very popular. This app has most of the desktop version features but is completely free. You can create and edit your text files in one click. In addition, students can choose any file extension before submitting their assignments.

Final Words

All students need applications because such software products are ideal for solving emergency problems. What’s more, apps make it easier to access information and make learning more enjoyable. Surely you will be happy if you can save a couple of hours a day and not waste time on routine activities. Download all the apps above, and you can boost your academic performance.