New Strategies to Grow Social Media Followings

In a time when everyone goes online for everything, growing your Internet presence is never more important than now. The digital space is becoming more competitive, so you will need newer marketing strategies to grow your social media reach.

If you want to excel at social media marketing, you’ve come to the right place. This article will go through some strategies to grow social media followings and reach your target audience.

Identify Your Target Audience

The first thing you have to do to grow social media followings is to know what your target audience is. This will enable you to establish a social media persona that is relevant and attractive to your audience.

You will have to do this by going through research and seeing what your audience likes to see on social media. A method is through undergoing an analysis of your competitors, and see what their social media branding is like. This will then enable you to organically reach the people who are the most interested in your business.

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Know Which Social Media Platforms to Get On

Not every social media platform is useful to build up an industry-relevant audience. Before trying to grow social media organically, you need to know which social media platforms to focus on. This will ensure that your strategies are fruitful.

Once you have a better understanding of which platforms to grow in, start familiarizing yourself with them and understand their algorithm. Each social media platform will operate differently, so you would have to use different strategies for each.

Start Strong

You don’t start cultivating your account when you have thousands of followers – you need to start with a polished page in order to reach that point at all.

Evaluate your current social media pages. Do they invite customers to stay and explore your account, or will people simply get bored and continue to scroll? This is how you know what you need to improve for social media boosting.

One of the areas to consider is your page’s aesthetic. Do you have a cohesive theme for your account? You can also consider the visual aspect and if your designs need to become more polished to attract attention.

Post Organic and Engaging Content

Another way to see growth in your social media reach is to create organic content that will drive more people to your pages. This means that you should not focus fully on posting about your products. Viewers want to see relevant and informative content, which means that you will have to diversify the types of posts you publish.

You can, for instance, post memes that are related to your company to appear more engaging. Other times, you can post content that displays your company’s values, such as advocating for environmental protection.

In this way, you can speak the language that most appeals to customers and prevent them from unfollowing you due to explicit promotions.


Post Consistently and Use Hashtags

Content on social media platforms changes very frequently. This means that, if you want to keep engaging more people, you will need to post more often.

When deciding on a social media strategy, consider how many times a week you can post. Maybe you can work with posting once a week, three times a week, or once every day. Make sure this is a consistent arrangement so that you can continue to build up your platform accordingly.

Whenever you post, make sure to also use hashtags. Find out what the industry-relevant hashtags are and start using them. Not only that, but you can make your brand into a hashtag so that customers can post reviews and mention you.

Know Which Time of the Day is Best to Post

Yes, the time of day for posting does matter to the growth of social media followings. Some individuals open their social media accounts at different times. Knowing this, you need to time your posts with the time of day that will see the most people online.

On Instagram, for instance, post engagements are the best on Tuesday through Friday between 10 am and 3 pm. Make sure to look through your posting statistics on different social media platforms and understand which timing is best within your industry.

Engage With Your Followers

You can have a great page with all the right content but still not reach greater social media followers. You may be wondering why that is.

One of the reasons for this is that you may not have been engaging with your existing followers well. When your followers comment, DM or tag you in their posts, you may not be responding.

In fact, your followers can create a free form of advertisement and can be essential in growing your following. By engaging constantly with your followers, you are enhancing your customer service skills and showing people that you can be trusted as a company.

What is more, engaging more with your followers will make you appear more often on their pages because of social media algorithms. This will increase your reach and drive more traffic to your account.

Use Sponsored Posts or Online Advertisements

Using sponsored posts and ads on social media platforms can also increase your reach with users who are interested in your products. On platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you can simply click to promote your post, pay the cost, and they will do the rest.

It’s important to evaluate whether the social media platform is able to target your ads to the right audience. When you have an advertised post, make sure to analyze the insights and see whether it is truly bringing you more followers and customers.

Post on Trending Topics

Social media feeds on trends, and viewers love consuming content that is related to the latest thing. If you post something related to trending topics, you will likely see an increase in engagement.

Some social media platforms will show you what the latest popular topics are. Otherwise, you can also make use of social listening, where you use tools to analyze the most popular topics on different platforms among your target audience.

You may not always be able to align your content with trending topics, which is fine. At the same time, try to do so as often as possible. It may require a lot more creativity, but it will pay off well.

Take the time to consult with your marketing team with topics that connect your brand with the latest topics.

Enlist the Help of Influencers

In the digital age, influencers have all the power when it comes to advertising and reaching a big audience. Influencer marketing will likely be a lot more targeted, because you can enlist the help of someone who posts content relevant to your industry. If you sell floral dresses, for instance, you can approach an influencer who posts fashion content.

You can hire a social media influencer to endorse your product organically. In return, you can either pay them or offer free samples and discounts.

Hold Giveaways

Another marketing method for social media boosting is to make your account a lot more interactive. This can come in the form of holding giveaways.

You can offer a free sample bundle or a free product, and make it a condition that people tag you on their stories or posts. To choose a few winners, you can use random generation.

This process increases the excitement among your existing followers while also enabling them to promote your account and products on their accounts. This will therefore increase your following.

Adapt Your Strategies According to the Statistics

Maybe you’ve tried several different marketing methods so far. It is now time to analyze how well the methods have worked and adapt your strategies accordingly.

For instance, you may have tried using promoted posts for a while but have seen few results. This may be the time to shift from this method and choose a different strategy.

Grow Social Media Followings With These Tips

In this digital age, you will need to grow social media followings in order to be credible and attract customers to your business. There are plenty of ways you can improve your social media reach, including by identifying the right audience and by choosing different marketing tools according to the social media platform.

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